For Coaches Set on a back tuck (eliminating whip)

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Geoffrey Taucer

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Jan 21, 2007
Baltimore, MD
I've been working on back tucks with one of my girls, and she has an extremely whippy set. Her back tuck is basically a backhandspring where she bends her knees and pulls her hands up.

She has so much power in her RO-BHS that she could, with a proper set, easily throw a double back (I'm not gonna let her try it anytime soon, but just to give you an idea of what her tumbling looks like).

ANybody have any good tips for getting kids to quit whipping on the set for a back tuck? Usually I find that having them work back tucks on trampoline helps (assuming they're doing it properly), but this girl, despite having a nice tuck on tramp, still whips on floor.
I had this problem with one of my boys that I coach. Recommendation>>>>>

Have the gymnast do their RBHS and then rebound with arms up on to a "porta Pit" or a stack of mats. Remember for the gymnast to stay tight and sraight like a pencil while they jump up on to the mat. After they a continue to do this exercise properly, it just may have helped a bit.
Let me know the out come. Hope it helps a bit.
At my gym, we have a trampoline tumble track, and on the wall opposite the end of the tramp is a bullseye that my coach put on the wall a while back...I used to have problems with setting when I was learning back tucks, so my coach would have me try to sight the bullseye before flipping. It helped a lot! she pulling her feet hard enough out of her backhandspring? Sometimes that can cause a whippier backflip.
i agree with both of the reply posts. Challenging the gymnast by making them go up onto a mat stack is always a good one and a fun one and they might not even realize that you're doing the drill to work on their set. Having the gymnast look for a target on a wall during set and as they land is also a great way to get their chest up at the end of their flip.
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