roundoff back handspring

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  1. Dahlialover

    Coaches Rushed back handsprings

    How would you correct a kid with back handsprings that look like those in the video linked below? thanks!
  2. Em09

    WAG Are our roundoff back handspring entries being scored?

    As a gymnast I actually have no idea; as A skills, do they count toward the number of A skills. Because once you start to optionals you start counting your A skills and B skills, etc, so do they count? And are they scored and deducted? Curious and hoping I have enough A skills!
  3. E

    Parents Struggling with a Round Off Backhandspring Back Tuck

    Hi, My daughter is struggling with connecting her round off backhandspring back tuck. She can do her round off triple backhandspring and a round off back tuck beautifully. Are there any tips or tricks?
  4. Anonymous Post

    Anon RO BHS help

    So back in September, my coach removed my bhs and made me do a ro bt because it would get less deductions. Well I was supposed to also do a front tuck but that also gets “too many deductions”. So I had to compete a ro bhs after not working on them for 4 months. I ask my coach how I can fix my ro...
  5. adultgymnast0510

    WAG Can you please help me with my ROBHS - video included

    I know I need to get my legs straight in the second part of the handspring but do you have any other tips, critiques etc to help me perfect it - are my hands hitting at the right angle? and if not what would I do to hit the proper angle Is the round off wonky? Thanks so much in advance...
  6. G

    WAG Roundoff Back Handspring Back Tuck Mental Block?

    So, I got my roundoff back handspring back tuck at the end of October 2019. I did really amazing ones throughout November. I was very confident with them, had tons of height and power, and they were amazing. At my inter-squad meet in November the pass was perfect! I continued doing them...
  7. G

    WAG Deductions on Roundoff Back handspring Back Tuck?

    I have my first EVER gymnastics competition (I will be competing level 8) in about 2.5 weeks. Can anyone watch this video of my roundoff back handspring back tuck and tell me what deductions I might receive for it and any tips on correcting my mistakes? This video was taken on my first day of...
  8. G

    Parents Level 3 robhs lost skill

    Daughter is 10 y/o level 3. She has always been strong on tumbling. Was one of the first on her team to master robhs. Been doing this skill for a year. Has even done robhs back tuck on floor. A couple of months ago, she started having issues. She slowly started to balk after ro. She would...
  9. Butterfly

    Parents Average time to get ROBHS

    Is there an average time to get a roundoff backhand spring independently without a spot? My daughter now only needs a very tiny bit of a spot, cheering her on to get it soon. But I’m just curious what is typical?
  10. A

    Parents ROBHS in level 3 floor routine

    Hi. Pretty recently my daughter has started struggling to do her ROBHS in her floor routine for Level 3. She's been doing it for months- and has even done a ROBHSBHS multiple times. I think it is mostly nerves. What would the deduction be for just doing a round off in the floor routine? They...
  11. E

    Do you need a ROBHS Back tuck for XCEL Gold?

    So.. As of right now I am a rec gymnast ( 6 hours a week 3 days a week on Pre-Team and I started gymnastics in September 2016 and I have my ROBHS now! :D) And I am going to start competeting soon! Sooo, my coach said I defiantly can compete Xcel Silver. ( My mom was talking to her this is just...
  12. J


    My daughter is a new level 3 (age 7) and is too scared to do a ROBHS without a coach next to her. What can she do to get over her fear? There are still several girls that can't do them either. Drills? More spotting? Upper body workout for strength?
  13. T

    WAG Round off backhandspring help

    I have had fear issues with backhandsprings when I was younger. I have recently just started doing gym again as an adult. I seem to be able to standing backhandspring fine, and I can round off backhandspring into the pit with level mats fine. But as soon as I take the mat away I pull out as I...
  14. coachmolly

    Coaches Chronically High RO-BHS

    I have one gymnast- Xcel Bronze (she has about a level 3 skill level) who is struggling with ro-bhs, particularly a very high bhs- at our meet on Saturday she barely skimmed the floor with her fingertips. We have gone back to spotted standing bhs and drills, but as soon as we put it back...
  15. M

    Parents ROBHS question in level 3

    My dd is 7 and is about to finish her level 3 season with her state meet a week from Sunday. She has had a great season overall with some great scores and high placements. I think she is doing great! I am asking this question just out of curiosity. I am not questioning her coach or her gym... :)...
  16. Avasmom

    Parents ROBHS on floor vs. trampoline question

    My daughter has just gotten her robhs and now she doesn't want to do it on the tumble track at all. She will do it into the pit but is way more comfortable on the floor. I'm at a loss of why. Can anyone help me as to why she will not do it? She's only 7 so she doesn't give me much of an...
  17. Avasmom

    Parents ROBHS

    My daughter started asking last week if she could work on her bhs again and today when I picked her up from practice she did it! Woohoo! I am so proud and she is beaming! I know there are many more skills to come but today I'm just so proud of her!
  18. lbb98

    WAG Connecting ROBHS

    I have a round-off and a standing BHS. I used to be able to connect them, but one time when I tried to connect it I fell and now I can't seem to bring myself to do it again. Does anyone know any drills to help me connect it again? (I need this skill if I want to move up to xcel gold next season)
  19. C

    WAG Fear of sole circle, and RO BHS BT

    Hi there, I need some advice on helping a kid overcome fear. Firstly, she is scared of sole circle and will bail even with double spot. She does them in straps no problem, and the only other drill I have her work on is pike swings on the real bar. Her second fear is roundoff back handspring...
  20. IreneKa

    Parents ROBHS mental block

    Yes, I know this topic has been discussed a lot, but please bear with me. I've done a lot of research and mostly just thinking out loud here. :) First, a little background. DD is a level 4, she was diagnosed with low back stress fracture last June and spent 12 week in a back brace. Of course...