Smelly gymnasts?

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Okay, when I was in training, there was a gynast that ALWAYS had BO.

I don't know how to approach her and tell her, because sometimes I'll drop by the gym, and the stench is just kinda overwhelming because of how hard she works. I don't want her to be embarassed later on in life because of it, so do i tell her or just shut up about it?
This is a hard one - We've had it before at our gym too. The coach of this particular gymnast went to the chemist and bought some of those small deodorants and, without making a big deal of anything just gave them out to every member of her group. She said something like 'Oh, These were being given out free in town so I thought I'd get one for everyone!' hehe its a bit sneaky, but it worked! Our particular gymnast had only just turned 10 though so I doubt she had realised or started wearing deodorant at that stage!

It is much harder when the gymnast is younger - I had a gymnast who was only 7 but had really bad B.O. In the end I asked her mum if she had any other leotards as with her doing 4 days of gym a week it was probably difficult washing and getting 1 leotard dry before the next session. It turned out she did only have 1 leotard and it was only being washed once a week!

In your situation, I'd say speak to her coach and see what they say. It is better that the gymnast is told though, rather than potentially having people talk about her behind her back.

I have a friend, also a coach, who will bring up conversations which lead around to a difficult topic. For example; if someone is a bit smelly, she will bring up a conversation about deodorant! haha again, it sounds silly, but you might find out the reason why the person smells!
Find out when her birthday is and give her a set from Lush or someplace that smells gorgeous but isn't too obvious. Or bring out some body spray if you get a break and pass it round.
This is tough because there really is no nice way to tell someone that they stink. Plus, they might just be like, "well we are practicing gym and we all stink." True, but some people stink more then others, and its no fun practicing with them or spotting them.

I would talk to your coach. Because if you are posting about it, people are probably talking about it, and that's not really good for the team.
Ehh, we're just up front about it. If they've hit puberty and started growing underarm hair- it's time to tell them to wear deoderant. Especially as pubic hair just concentrates the smell. It's what it's designed to do.

Little boys however smell often like *** or urine just cause. It can be the same with little girls as well but boys tend to be more active at school and come straight to gym.

Definitely gotta watch about the leo thing. We had a girl who wasn't washing her shorts and our girl's coach has a very sensitive nose in the gym ( which I don't anymore. I can smell body odors and scents but not really gym smell like sweat and feet anymore ). Not really an issue with the boys though some gyms have their boys wear leos to practice.

With the boys, I just tell them they are smelly. With the girls, we just say open armpits deserve deoderant.

For leos, I'd say just hand wash and soak then rinse out and throw to dry besides having multiples. Probably can't do the guy thing of throwing them in the dryer with the good smelly stuff anti cling thingies.
Even if my leos say to hand wash them, I just stick them in the dryer, then dry them on the line. It doesn't really do to much to them, except they fade A LOT faster, but I figure that they'll fade sometime anyway, so I don't really care.
Ouchhh. I kind of stink, but it's only noticeable if I salute right next to you lol. Do something like ask everyone about what kind of deodorant they use. If she says she doesn't use any, then tell her she should try it, it smells really nice or something like that.
Take a shower everyday....and wash your gym stuff after every use....
People who are active like gymnasts need to be extra clean...Plus it is a spot that requires close contact and is inside and...etc..etc...:eek:
she may have hyperhydrosis( i think thats how you spell it) it causes excessive persperation and about 3 in 100 people have it (including me) and it can causes quite bad B.O issuses especially if your are doing alot of sport and really the oly way to sort it out is to go to your doctor so i think you should talk to your coach
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