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  1. G

    Parents Concerned with joint cracking and popping of knees.. painless, but still concerned.

    My daughter age 10 is competing level 7 and training approximately 20 hours a week. This is the first season where she wakes up in the morning and bends / manipulates her knees to pop them in the morning. She's not doing anything odd to make them crack.. but just bends pulls them toward her...
  2. F

    WAG Tight hamstring popping and tingling in splits

    Whenever I do my left leg splits, my hamstring feels tight. I know I am flexible enough to do a full over split on a panel mat with my left leg, however, if I push past a certain point in the split, it feels like my hamstring is popping and a tingling sensation travels down my leg. It is a weird...
  3. gymkayla

    WAG hips popping in middle splits

    Over quarantine, I've been trying to get more flexible because I struggle in that area. Splits have been fine but my middle splits or straddle is really bad. Whenever I try to stretch them my hips pop. Is this normal? And if it is not, what are some good stretches to do to improve this?
  4. gymbeam

    WAG Popping/Clicking Rib - no pain

    For a couple months my daughter has been mentioning that her rib “pops”. No pain. Any idea what this would be?
  5. meganliz77

    WAG Popping and cracking-- is this 'normal'?

    DD (7) seems to have a noisy anatomy. Her joints tend to make A LOT of noises-- no pain, but cracking and popping without her intentionally trying to do it. Feet, ankles, wrists, elbows.... Is this normal? Is it something to be concerned about? Something that will possibly impact her gymnastics...
  6. M

    WAG Shoulders popping/cracking?

    In the last few weeks, my 7yr olds shoulders (both of them) will crack or pop when she raises her arms. She says is doesn't hurt, but it makes me cringe. My brother is a physical therapist, and he said there is no way of knowing why without an X-ray, but he said he would check her out when he...
  7. All Chalked Up

    WAG Shoulder popping in back ext. roll

    I was working back extension roll (hands all the way together) for clear hip circle this morning. My shoulder "popped" in the HS and has been quite uncomfortable since then but I finished practice. What could have happened and should I be worried about it?
  8. Committed

    WAG hips popping/cracking- normal?

    DDs hips pop/crack like crazy when she's doing her press handstands. Sometimes she complains it hurts, while other times she's okay with it. Is all the snap, crackle, popping normal, or is she just doing it wrong? She's very flexible if that makes a difference.
  9. flips123

    "Popping" joints... How bad is it really?

    I've always "cracked" every part of my body, back, neck, wrists, fingers, toes, hips, ect. as a nervous habit and because I don't like the feeling of being tight. I've noticed as I get older that some things crack on their own and that my finger joints seem to appear swollen. I could just be how...
  10. D

    WAG Shoulders cracking/ popping sound

    Whenever I lift my arms up to solute, swing for back handspring,..ect, by shoulders make a popping/ clicking sound. There's no pain associated with it..but I was wondering if this is something that I need to worry about?
  11. B

    clear hips, hip popping?

    Okay i have a few questions about clear hips on bars. Every time i do them my legs swing behind me as i'm in a glide position and i get these feeling my hips pop in then out. It hurts at first then goes away. I've already seen a doctor because my hips pop out and what not. All he said was it's...
  12. C

    Double Popping on FHS Vault

    I have a gymnast who is double popping on vault. She had a great HS flat back last year. We have a prota-vault that goes into our pit and she doesn't do it on there. Once she gets to the table it's like she double pops and she almost get stuck in her HS. Any tips or advice on this situation I've...
  13. M

    Shoulder popping

    My DD shoulers pop alot doing gymnastics and just around the house. I heard it twice this morning at breakfast. She has no pain but just wanted some opinions of what causes this?
  14. gymnast695

    Hip Popping?

    Hi everyone! Recently I have noticed that whenever I do push away kips on bars, my hip kinda pops and when I fling my leg or push on it for a while, it feels normal again and I guess goes back in place? But it's starting to happen more and more, like when doing splits and normal low bar kips...
  15. maddiekate

    Wrist popping

    I was doing back walkovers earlier and my wrists were hurting so i was kinda rolling them and kneading them and everything and I did this and I felt a few pops in my wrist and it hurt. I did it a few more times to see if it would keep happening. (I'm not sure why I decided to keep doing it if it...
  16. C

    Hip Popping

    I have a question. On my front walkovers, my right hip tends to pops several times. It has gotten to a point where it hurts, and after practice i have to ice it because it hurts so much. My coach has told me not to do any front tumbling or front walkovers. Does anyone know what this could be...