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Moderator/Proud Parent
Aug 25, 2007
North Carolina
Well DD had her 2nd L4 meet today. It was The Bad Hair Invite, so they were supposed to have bad hairdo's. DD loved this meet because she gets funky hair !

The judging was harsh today for sure. Pretty low all around. But, I guess as long as they are tough on everyone it does not matter.

DD probably had her best floor routine so far, scored lower than I thought, but I was so proud of how she did. Couple wobbles on beam but pretty handstand, scale and best straight jump/tuck jump combo I have seen her do. Vault was also probably one of her best.

Here is how she did:
Vault ........ 8.8. 1st
Bars ......... 8.550 2nd
Floor ........ 8.425 1st
Beam........ 8.700 1st

AA .......... 34.475. 1st

And, the icing on the cake -

She won the prize ( voted on by the judges) for the worst hair of the session !!!!! She won a container full of hair accessories !!!

I think we were both more excited about that than 1st AA !!!


Proud Parent
Nov 15, 2008
WOW! What an awesome meet she had!! Congrats! And to win worst hair, what an honor, lol! Sounds like such a fun meet and she did a terrific job!
Can I just say WOW!!!!!!!!

CONGRATULATIONS!!! What an incredible meet, and a huge jump in placements from the last! You guys must be thrilled with the outcome!

I was thinking about you last night, and the frustration that was coming through in your posts. Then it occured to me, the likely reason for it all. You can tell me if I'm way off base here, but I think her *loose* practices may get to you more because you're a coach. You know her potential, you know she's capable of meets like she had today all the time (if she hits, of course) so naturally you'd be frustrated when it seems she's not trying.

It looks like she chose the right day to put her game face on and show everyone what she's got!!! I'm proud and I don't even know her, but boy was I pulling for her today:)

Congrats again on the great meet, and the worst hair! If they'd seen me today, the prize would've been mine;). I'm off to eat ice cream in her honour.


WOW! Congrats on a great meet and having the worst hair! LOL
I am glad your dd was able to pull it together and win 1st AA! She should be so proud!
Feb 26, 2007
1st AA and the worst hair, what a great day for you both. So glad she pulled it together for the meet. My youngest is so like that, sloppy in practices but when she gets to the meet she tightens up and looks like she's been doing it that way all along.


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
Yay!!!!! How fun! See, you didn't have to worry. :) Glad she had a blast and won the funkiest hair. LOL. What a cool meet theme.
Jan 17, 2008
Sounds like a SUPER FUN Meet!! What a great idea to do a bad hair meet..

Beetle once won best hair at a meet. I think Mom's should get the prize for the hours of ponies and braids LOL
Mar 5, 2008
North America
Wow! What a great meet! Sounds like she is starting the season off to a great start! I wanna see the pictures of her hair!!!!!! You have my imagination runnin now with the "bad hair theme"!!! Congrats on a GREAT meet!


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
I was hoping for pics of the hair!! LOVE it! That really must have been fun. I bet she is still on cloud 9 from those amazing placements. Hope you can relax some now as you see she can play at gym, but still bring it to the meet. :D
Sep 8, 2007
Congrats on 1st AA to your dd!!!See you were all stressed out for no reason she did awesome!!The meet sounds very fun loved the hair!


Oh, how fun! Good for dd for her gymnastics and her crazy hair! :) I wish our dd had a meet like that.
BTW, a coach of my dd tells her not to concentrate at all on scores, but on placement. This meet was a great example of why one should do that.


Proud Parent
Mar 7, 2008
Region 7
Congrats! Sometimes these little contests mean more than the performance/placements themselves but in your DD's case, it was a great day all around!
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