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Sophia 2018 Nationals

Discussion in 'Women's Artistic Gymnastics (WAG)' started by lovofu, May 15, 2018.

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  1. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times!

    First event was beam (best event) odd fall (47th/56th)

    Floor AWESOME Second Place (climbed to 28th/56th)

    Vault SWEET 9th place (climbed to 15th/56th)

    Bars So nice to see that great routine with upgraded dismount 3rd place (9th/56th AA)

    Was awesome to see the fight and that she didn't get rattled!

  2. She really came back strong. If she was rattled from that fall you sure cannot tell. Beautiful as always. Her bars are looking fab.
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  3. Wow, amazing as always! Congrats to her and thank you for sharing her videos :)
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  4. beautiful gymnastics.
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  5. She’s amazing! Thank you for sharing!!
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  6. as always beautiful to watch- just love her vault and her bars-- she continues to improve- so amazing!
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  7. Amazing! Thanks for sharing!
  8. Wow! She's incredible! And can I also add that whoever was filming did a fabulous job at not reacting to the fall on beam? Whenever I catch a fall on video I always gasp or sigh or something and then I wish I hadn't!
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  9. Yes, I definitely said a naughty word on tape once..sigh...
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  10. And THAT'S the way it's done, ladies and gentlemen. Bravo Sophia!
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  11. Congrats!!!
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  12. Amazing!! Do you feel like the scoring was consistent across sessions? Based on the videos that I have seen there is a huge difference is the connections and presentations and skill level between the veterans and the first year level 10s.
  13. GOSH hard to say...there are first year 10's in every age group I think and though Sophia is a veteran, she got hammered when she fell on beam. I think by and large that scoring is tight the first rotation in every session and fair across that session. I watched some later routines that seemed to get a bit higher score than they would have in an earlier session which is why you can't compare AA scores very accurately!
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  14. Thanks!!! It was actually fun to watch the climb!!!
  15. LOL I pay for the experts to get that video. I definitely said a not nice word when she fell!
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  16. She looked great!!
  17. The upgraded dismount looks awesome! She is all set to make the lineup on every event now, can't wait to see her in NCAA.
  18. She is so fun to watch! Congrats on a fantastic nationals!!
  19. Thank you for sharing! So impressed with her mental toughness!
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  20. She is such a lovely gymnast! Congratulations to her, and thank you for sharing the videos.
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