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Well I would try putting ice on and off it every 15 minutes, or masageing the sore area, or just take a cool bath but I wouldnt put ice in the tub. But there are many different things you can try.
Mar 4, 2008
With our DD we happened on an ointment that actually helps her tremendously. Another gymnastics parent had recommended it to us so it may be worth a try for you. It is called Christophers Complete Tissue & Bone. You can probably only find it in a health food or nutritional specialty shop but for $10 bucks or so .....
I would say take a warm bath, as hot as you can take it, but DO NOT take it if you have anything important then ext day, because it makes you more tired than you already are. If you do have something the next day, take a hot shower (Again, as hot as you can take it), and if you have an adjustable shower-head, make the water pressure as hard as it will go and target the sore muscle(s).


A great way to get rid of sore muscles (not pulled, but sore--like after having a really hard workout) is to simply keep working out.
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