For Parents Spin Off The "Confused" Post, Question about Elite Training

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Sep 3, 2005
I just wanted to jump in here and say that one of the reasons that I started this place is because I love to argue... and I always think I'm right... but that is not the power of ChalkBucket.

The power of ChalkBucket is to be able to see things through others eyes... through another perspective.

@Pigeon Thank you for taking the time in this thread to talk. One of the things that we really never get on this site is the perspective of a gymnastics "fan". We have pretty much everything in gymnastics but that here. I'm just a "fan" of racing... not involved at all. It was nice to the person that was arguing with me has insider knowledge to the world of racing... so again... thank you.
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Mar 7, 2022
So my daughter attends a small gym, in a rural area, with no elite program.

However, the owners have elite experience (both as athlete and coach) and when a local elite caliber athlete came around, they adapted and supported her on the elite path successfully. But I know it wasn't easy...Elite is a whole different world than Level 10.

They also are currently supporting a young men's gymnast through the beginnings of the elite path - and we are all excited he was selected for Future Stars Junior National Development camp - which only chooses seven gymnasts from each age.

So can a non-elite gym support elite athletes? I would say its rare but possible, but the coaches would probably have to elite experience and a huge drive to do so, as its a HUGE financial and time commitment, especially if its focused on one athlete.


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Jun 7, 2016
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Well I think Flips out in MN did this with Lily P. Not sure if her mom is on this site.
They did. No prior elite training, saw the potential in a few up and coming gymnasts and started down the elite training path, starting with hopes. It was way more intense than we ever could have imagined. The main drawback with being the first in a gym is not having experienced parents to get advice from.