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Just a question mostly to the coaches and maybe gymnasts. i quit gym over 10 months ago an am now really missing it but i am scared that when i go back i will have lsot all my skills, strength and flexibility. i was just hoping for some input from others who have done the same thing or who have an answer.
After I trashed my wrists around 4 years, I told myself it was time to hang it up. While it was only a sprain, I can remember that even after 3 months with rehab I was only up to the point that I barely could hold a support on a mushroom. I wasn't able to even think about holding a support with all my body weight or anything past a momentary handstand ( even on parallettes ). My boys saw this and I was only able to swing from a hang with some discomfort or flip. No going to HS on tramp at all. Really put a big damper in things.

However, I ended up starting to coach at another gym and after about 6 months of the injury, I got the bug again. Unfortunately, I had gotten out of shape and my wrists were quite ginger. They never really have recovered ( but they could have better if I decided to rehab them vs hanging up my tumbling at the time ).

This is a huge regret. Especially it was the point where I significantly lost about half of my strength and fitness level.

I've ebbed and gone back and forth in my fitness and gymnastics skills since then, partially due to a few more injuries and life concerns. However, I'm still chugging on. It's to the point now, that without some serious investing $$$ into rehabbing my shoulders, I'm at a stop point where I probably will never swing again without recurring pain. Part of this wouldn't be so bad if I was in better shape, and had some life concerns not in the picture.

Don't live with regrets. Get back in while you still can!
Good luck Smartie Pants getting back into it. Sorry- I'm a parent so I hope you don't mind me sharing with you on this post. I think you have made the correct decision, as apparently your desire to continue with this sport is still there. Better to act on it now, as if you don't, you'll wonder the rest of your life if you gave up too soon. I applaud your efforts. You are correct in wondering how you will be able to adjust getting back into it after being out. This is good, as you are very aware that it might not be easy, and are approaching this cautiously. Take things slowly, one step at a time, and address any problems such as aches and pains as they come along. Take plenty of time stretching and conditioning, and perform drills to build up to the skills that you used to do. As Bob suggested, it might be a bit hard and you'll have some weak areas, but be open to getting help such as therapy when needed. I've seen a few gymnasts take time off, some as much as a year, and they were able to get back into it. Of course, you won't hit the ground running, but you'll get there eventually. Bob, if you are reading this, I love your posts! You are so entertaining and you bring such insight into some of the issues being discussed on this site. Smartie, I am interested in how you do because my own daughter is starting again after being out 4 months. I am thrilled for her, and she is excited, yet we as parents are concerned about her safety. We are afraid she might try to jump right in where she left off. I spoke with her (new) coach for a long time the other day and he assured me that all these safety factors will be considered in her return to gymnastics. He also said she should have no problem getting her skills back. Just a note: not sure what skills you did before, but my other nongymnast daughter just did a roundoff-backhandspring back tuck yesterday at cheerleading practice, and she has not done that in almost 4 years. Gymnastics is mental; once you learn it, you really never forget, you just need to make sure your body is conditioned enough to cooperate. Could it be like riding a bike? Maybe, but I certainly won't be trying it at MY age!
Smartypants, well I'm a parent too and glad to hear you want to give the gym another shot. Be realistic in your goals for the 1st few weeks. Yes, you'll be sore and some of the skills just won't be where they were when you left. If the coaches understand and are willing to work with you then just take it one practice at a time. Much is muscle memory, so you'll probably find skills come back pretty quickly. Keep us updated on your progress.
Gymno--sounds like you need to change your name:) Glad you and your dd found a new gym after a bad experience(I can really relate to that!). Also let us all know how it works out for your dd.
GymLaw Mom- Thanks for remembering me! Your smilie face made my day! We must have had similar experiences because we keep posting to the same threads! Yes, our experience was very bad which forced my daughter to leave the only sport she has known and loved her whole life. This past year she had a nasty coach, her worst competitive season ever, a gym owner that looked the other way, she changed gyms, dealt with new coaches and a new training regimen, increased hours, problems balancing homework and practices, aches, pains, injuries, repeated injuries, overuse of pain relievers, and depression over losing her old gym and teammates she grew up with. She took the summer off, healed, found new sports, and is now feeling great. I couldn't believe it when she told me she wanted to go back to gymnastics. She is not going to a new gym, but a new coach. I'll explain later. This coach is everything she needs, and I've heard glowing reviews about him from other parents, coaches, and even judges. I can't believe it's happening, and she is so excited. She'll be traveling in a different competitive circle then she did before but that's OK with her. I'll fill you in on what happens once we get more into it. I don't want to change my name yet until I know it will work for her. In the mean time, I want to hear how others such as Smartie pants are doing getting back into it. Thank you so much for caring, and I look forward to reading more of what you have to say on different topics here.
Smartiep- take things slow when you first start once you build up strength the skills will come. I did not work out for 6 months before college because of injuries and I honestly did not think I would be doing gymnastics again. The first couple of weeks was of course tough on the body but once the soreness wore off and flexibility came back the skills were easy.

Get back in as soon as possible- the longer you wait the harder it will be to commit yourself to it. Stay positive, take it slow and don't get frustrated. Keep us posted.
Thanks Everyone

well thanks everyone for the replies, they were really interesting especially from the people who hav been in the same situation.
just cause you asked, i have been back twice now and am starting really slow, only 10 hours a week, and it feels great. i was a bit sore after my first class and still need to work up to some skills i used to do but i am really happy to be back.
thanks again for all your replies:)
Smartiepants, I was wondering, what level are you, and what skills are you working on? My daughter will also be doing 10 hours a week. I'll be sure and tell her that she'll be sore at first so she doesn't get discouraged. Please keep us posted as to how you are doing. Thanks, and again, good luck!
My dd also took off for about 6 months last year. she is young though(she just turned 9) so she didn't have tons of skills or strength yet but she still had to take it one day at a time. She has been back at it for 6 months now and is starting to add new skills this month. At 3 months she had 80 % of her strenght back but needed to break some bad habits she had from her first team, now 3 months later she is adding new skills and is getting them rather quickly. So slow going in the begining ,but with a new fierceness for the sport because of that choice to quit then return really made her that much more determined, and better. Knowing how much she missed the gym then finding a geat coach has givn her a determination and drive I've never seen in her before.

I hope that makes sense!! Good Luck!!!
Smartiepants, I was wondering, what level are you, and what skills are you working on? My daughter will also be doing 10 hours a week. I'll be sure and tell her that she'll be sore at first so she doesn't get discouraged. Please keep us posted as to how you are doing. Thanks, and again, good luck!

when i quit i was training level 6 but thats australian. i was doing round-off whip flick sault on floor and working handspring layout; i was doing round off on beam and working flick layout; piked tsukahara and handspring front on vault; and lay-out flyaways and clear hip to handstand on bars. i hope this helps.
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