stuck up bars jugdes!!!

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hello, i went to a competition competing level four in australia..... when we got to bars, another gymnast did the compulsory routine for level four..( 2 glide swings, backhip pullover, cast to horizontal, backhip circle, pop on, jump to the high bar, back hip pullover, toe shoot........)

it was good and she got 13.08 and when i went my routine is (kip, cast backhip circle, pop on, jump to the high bar, backhip pullover and toeshoot) i went and i had a flowing routine, i watch the play back and it was the best routine ive ever done
and i only got a 12.75!!! i was soooo annoyed i didnt even place! and it was just me, it was the level 7 and 8, 9 and 10 girls as well, my friend did the most fantastic routine ever , better than te other girls and she only got n eight!!!!! out of 16!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why are judges so strict these days???
I am in Australia too. The judging is very, very harsh as we use the same code and deductions as they do at the international level. Its hard because our kids are getting the same deductions you would give at the olympics. Don't be too upset with a 12.75, it is not a bad score at all in level 4. Its not brilliant but it is a good solid score and if you do well on all the other apparatus you can still get a good AA score.

In level's 7-10 it is very normal to get a score as low as 8's on bars. Again it is because we use the same code of points as the international level gymnasts. It is very hard for a nationl levels gymnast to fulfill the requirments.
sometimes it is better just to do the compulsory routines without bonuses (such as a kip). It is possible to loose more on the bonus skills than they are worth sometimes.
It is quite easy for a gymnast to do the base routine flawlessly and score higher than someone who does several bonuses but with some mistakes.

As Aussie Coach said, in levels 7 - 10 it is very common to see low scores. most girls wouldn't have much more than a low 3 in A score (in the state stream which I'm assuming you compete in).
At level 7 the most basic routine would really only have an A score of 2.2 (12.2). take into account some bent knees and arms, low casts, stops, steps on landing etc and an 8 is not that unreasonable.

overall I would not be too disapointed in a 12.75 on bars, it's a pretty decent score.

It is more important to be happy with how you have done your routine (and it sounds like you are) and to feel you have improved etc than to worry about the scores so much

good luck for your next competition! :)
While I'm not familiar with the Aussie levels, the way I deal with these situations in the US is to look at the placings from meet to meet...if you felt that your routine was superior to another in that competition, did your score beat that routine? If not, is there something specific that tends to be your weakness which may have led to that score?

I understand that you work hard for your score, but letting one score in one meet upset you that much probably isn't going to help. I'm sure the judges aren't specifically out to get maybe just take your hits and move on and try to improve. Judges don't do gymnasts any favors by NOT taking deductions when they are's part of the sport.
Laura is right, in Australia the system is designed to allow the bonus's but it is costly. Don't do any bonus's unless you can do them flawlessly, there is a lot more in deductions than the skill is worth.
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