Coaches summer camp ideas?

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Club Owner / Manager
Aug 29, 2017

Even though I have a lot of gym experience, I have never worked summer camps for gymnastics. I'm a new gym owner and my city doesn't have other gymnastics schools. My parents are asking for a summer camp. Any good programs out there that might help point me in the right direction for how to start a gymnastics camp?

We just offer 1/2 day summer camps as we don't have access to all of the other amenities that lots of summer gym camps utilize (a pool, outdoor space for water games, party rooms for crafts, etc.). It's nice in that it's very gymnastics focused and the kids tend to learn a lot, but I think the 9-12 time slot makes it difficult for lots of parents to get kids there and pick them up. But it could be an option for your first year to see how it goes.

I know when we first started doing camps one of the team parents scouted out the options in the area and got a sense for what was out there and what the going rate was for similar programs. Some areas even have a summer camp "fair" setup where summer youth programs set up info tables for parents to check out. That would be a great place to see what things seem to be popular in your area.

If you are doing a full day camp, a full day of just gymnastics is a lot for most recreational kids, so make sure you have options for other activities. If you're not part of a larger facility with fun extras, you'll probably need to get creative with things that can be done in the gym. Obstacle courses, games, crafts, outdoor activities, open gym times- and the staff to do all of those things.
If your just starting to make your summer camp plans, you're already very late. Most camps post their dates a year in advance and the popular ones are already taking reservations. Look at popular gyms website pages, most have camp info up now including sample schedules, costs, dates and theme weeks, along with costs.
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