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My sweet 16 was the 17th. I thought going out for dinner was fun, but my friend and parents together threw me a party tonight. All my gym coaches were in it-to call and tell me open gym was canceled and to say no when I asked to start choreographing my floor routine. The people at my mom's work had to call her in so she could get stuff set up and my bff hardly talked to me for 2 weeks. Most of my friends were on vacation, so there were only four of us total, but we had a blast. And the first person to respond, immediately, was my crush. I was so happy. This party was the biggest, sweetest thing someone had done for me. Plus it's really hard to surprise me cuz i always figure everything out.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Sounds like they went out of there to make your Sweet 16 special!
Thanks. My fave present was a hot pink pole vault helmet from my bff!
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