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Oct 10, 2008
1st posting and already bragging....sorry!

I have a dd(9yr) that has been invited to the TOPs National Team, We are so proud and excited for her. She had worked so hard for the part year to just make it to the National Testing. As parents, we were so priviledged just to have her invited to test, and we did not have any expectations for her to make A or B camp. Well, suprise, suprise. I guess she did well enough to make "National Team A" camp. YEEPEE:):D:)
Jul 12, 2007
What level is your dd?

Congratulations on your her accomplishment - she must be incredibly talented... I have friends whose children made both A & B camp's & all are very excited :D

Don't forget to pack the bug spray LOL!
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Feb 26, 2007
That is a very exciting acomplishment for any young gymnast, and I am sure it will be a memorable trip. Watch out for the camels, I hear they spit!!!

Welcome to the chalkbucket, I hope you stick around to share the experience with us all.


Awesome job! A girl from my gym also made the A team. I did hear from her that the camels were cool :)


Coach/Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Jun 11, 2008
GREAT NEWS!! We are proud right along with you! How exciting for you both..Take lots of pics:eek:


That is so awesome! Tell your dd I say Congradulation on all her hard work paying off! What level is she?
Oct 10, 2008
Thanks to all for all the kind words. She is Lv 7 this yr and we are looking forward to hearing all the different music, so tired of the comp music over and over again(hehe). She didn't say anything about the camels, but boy, she took alot of pics of Phil the donkey!


That is amazing news, thanks for sharing your excitement with us. She must be very excited, congradulations!!!
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