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Jun 26, 2006
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Hi! I'm interested in getting some feedback from coaches on this as well as the parents.

How do you feel about trampolines? My kids have been asking for over 2 years, and I've always said no. I'm warming to the idea, largely due to the fact that my neighbour has one and I don't think the kids are adequately supervised when they play there, so I'd rather have them here, on my terms.

Do you think they're a good idea, or not? I'd really like all opinions, even negative. My other question is, do you think they help or impede a gymnasts progress? Only one of my 3 girls does gymnastics. The most daring thing the other 2 will try in a fhs.

Thanks for any opinions about this.


Personally, from a gymnast point--I loved playing on backyard trampolines, but I've seen even very experienced gymnasts get hurt doing everyday things to them. As a coach, I personally do not really encourage the idea because it encourages poor/incorrect technique, lack of safety, and lack of supervision (plus parents trying to help their kids learn skills that require coaching).

I think that if you are to get one there should be strict guidelines and rules that should be followed such as:
1. One at a time
2. Used only under adult supervision
3. no flipping without proper training and/or safety net
4. do only skills that can be done correctly without spot

These are just some things to think about.


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Jan 4, 2008
In reality kids who are trained in gymnastics are probably much safer than kids who are not when playing on trampolines. They are trained in trampoline saftey at their gyms, they are trained to fall safely and they are conditioned to prevent injuries and most importantly they are trained to understand their bodies. It is the non gymnasts that scare me on trampolines thinking the extra bouncy surface will save them from broken bones.

Basically if they have a trampoline as a parent their safety will become your responsibility. If you are willing to make sure they are adequetly supervised, given strict rules to follow and make sure they are enforced then it should be quite safe. If it is allowed to be a free for all thats when you should not even contemplate buying one.

Decide on your own set of rules and let the kids know that if they dont stick to them they will be banned from the trampoline for a period of time (we do the same thing in the gym). If they break the rules again then this period of time is lengthened.

The one big thing to watch out for is when friends come around. This is often when the silliness and the showing off can happen, with kids pushing each other to break the rules. Make sure kids are very closely supervised on the tramp with friends over.
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