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  1. Mthegymqueen

    WAG Value of a sole circle on bars in xcel

    Is the value of a sole circle on bars in Xcel an A (like in JO/DP) or is it moved up to a B?
  2. Dahlialover

    Coaches Twisting direction and mushroom circle direction

    Is there a relationship between twist direction and the direction kids go around the mushroom? My kid recently started gymnastics and learned mushroom from copying other kids. He goes towards his right hand from front support. I think he is a left twister but I’m dyslexic and get confused...
  3. E

    Coaches Teaching double back hip circle

    In our rec program and XCEL, our coaches teach students to do two back hip circles in a row. My understanding is that this combination teaches students to rotate their wrists and keep their body hollow. My thinking is that I would much rather teach a back hip circle ending with a strong cast...
  4. JBS

    Great Pak to Circle Drill

  5. X

    back hip circle help

    i can’t get myself to throw my head back i got it at gym but when i try at home i just can’t help pls!!
  6. S

    Front hip circle help

    Hey everyone new to the site. I was wondering if anyone has any tips for front hip circles. I am a self taught gymnast, and have a homemade pull up bar at home. I am trying to learn a front hip circle and I feel like I’m close, but I can’t keep my hips on the bar. I think it could be that I’m...
  7. hsgymnast333

    WAG Back Hip Circle and Sole-Circle Dismount Help

    Hi, I’m new to gymnastics (a few months in). I’m supposed to be competing bars tomorrow, and I’m really nervous. Today, I was trying to do back hip circle and I just kept stopping. I would just cast and not do it. I only did a few and I was on bars for two hours. Also, I can’t do a sole-circle...
  8. charlottescofield

    Coaches Back hip circle undershoots

    Does anyone have any drills for beginning back hip circle undershoots
  9. L

    Back Hip Circle Help!!

    I have been coaching my two level 2 classes for the entire year. For them to move up they must have a back hip circle by themselves. I currently have 3 girls out of 16 that can't do it without spot and I would really like to move them up. They would need to have their back hip circle by the end...
  10. N

    Parents Sole circle/squat on

    If someone attempts a squat on and doesn't fully completed but continues routine by doing sole circle is there a deduction?
  11. Alibri

    WAG Falling forward on mill circle

    It took my 6-year-old L2 daughter quite a while to get around the bar on the mill circle, instead of falling back. Finally, about 6 weeks ago, she was finally getting around fairly consistently with no spot. Now, a week before her very first competition, she is going too far and falling forward...
  12. Nin-Jia

    Front hip circle tips?

    ive been working on my front hip circle for over a year now and I still don't have it! Any tips? Sometimes I can do it (I have to muscle them up) but other times I just can't make it!
  13. Sarah_the_gymnast

    WAG Retro move! How to do a hecht circle?

    Hi everyone! So I've seen a lot of old gymnastics videos where gymnasts do like a back hip circle, but then sort of pop of their hips? I think they're called hecht circles? Anyway, for anyone who ever did them, the million dollar question: HOW DO YOU DO THEM? I can't find anything online about...
  14. A

    Parents Mill circle question

    Hi. My daughter just started team in October. She spent 2 months doing level 2 and then they moved her up to Level 3 when a group of girls made the transition. I'm not 100% sure she was completely ready but I think the fact that she was older (10) contributed to the move up . I'm a little...
  15. munchkin3

    WAG Sole Circle, does your gym use it?

    Just curious to see if your kids are taught the sole circle? From Level 5 onward it can be used in routines and even is a pre-cursor to toe-on........Our gym does not teach it regularly.... Does yours??? It seems SO useful as an alternative to falling back on a squat on. Maybe there is a reason...
  16. GymRays

    Coaches Uprise to back hip circle help

    I tried this in the WAG forum but got no response so maybe I will here. I have a gymnast who is training Xcel platinum. She has been working on an uprise back hip circle on strap bar and she has it really good and consistent. The problem is when we put it on regular bars she doesn't have the...
  17. GymRays

    WAG Uprise to back hip circle help

    I have a gymnast who is training Xcel platinum. She has been working on an uprise back hip circle on strap bar and she has it really good and consistent. The problem is when we put it on regular bars she doesn't have the same power and mentioned it feels like, on the counter swing, she going to...
  18. Orangesoda

    WAG Mill circle

    I sent another thread off on a tangent so I thought I'd continue my questions here. Why don't coaches like the mill circle? (Is it also called a stride circle or is that something different?) I know why I don't like it. I've been watching my kid try to wrap her chin around the top of the bar...
  19. J

    WAG Backhip circle needed?

    I have been looking into xcel silver and for bar requirements it says circleing skill. does it have to be back hip circle? please reply i have a meet soon and am hoping to use my fronthipcircel
  20. Jhueste

    WAG Is there a deduction if a level 4 or 5 vaulter doesn't do an arm circle?

    My daughter's coach keeps telling my daughter that's it like .3 deduction not having an arm circle when she vaults. So, when she does an arm circle, it messes her up and she ends up not vaulting or it's slower. We've heard there isn't an deduction, but her coach keeps insisting that there...

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