Trying to get somewhere with the press handstand

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I can do the press handstand on the wall with ease.
And for the few spots I had with them, it was quite easy too.
So now what?

I can't do them alone yet. I tried elevating my feet so that my hips are above my head, but that doesn't help. It feels like I need to lean forward more, but if I do that, I think my arms are going to give out...

So what should I do (in terms of techniques and drills)?
Hey me too...I got them on the wall and I have only done them like once on the floor and thats only because I had a sudden urge to do one and then that was it. I have to say from the one press handstand that I did, you only feel like you are going to fall but you really aren't. Just put like a pillow or a really soft blanket underneath you and that might cushion you if you fall. Good luck with getting press handstand and keep me posted with tips on how to do them more than once!:)
make sure while you're pulling yourself up you put your hips right over your head and lean further than you think you need to. a lot of the time people will do one and not the other OR not lean as much as they should.

try doing them off of a folded up panel mat. that's how i got mine. then after you get that you can gradually start folding sections down until you're doing it on the floor :] update us on how they're going and let us know when you get it!
My dd just learned how to do a press handstand from a somewhat standing position. Here is a clip of it. Notice how she shifts her weight forward to the point where her shoulders are a little forward of her hands. Then she "presses" up into the handstand. You also have to use your stomach muscles a lot.

YouTube - Press Handstand!!! Kind of...

She still needs some work, but it is a great start for her!!!

I hope this helps.
Hmmm, you could be lacking in strength. I would suggest doing a lot of handstands and handstand pushups. Also try doing a headstand press. This will help you get the feel for having to use your abs a lot when pressing up.

I'm not an expert or coach or anything so I may not be the best person to ask. I just know what I see my dd doing and what I have learned from my adult classes when I used to take them.
I know. By the way, your daughter's press handstand is pretty good.

I already have the press headstand though.
And I can do the press headstand with my head on a block...
so it's like in between a headstand and a handstand (?)...
alright if what i suggested before isnt working, i'd say you might need to work on your strength a little bit - mainly abs. (let me know if you want me to list some abs conditioning. otherwise, you probably have an idea of what to do for that.)

also, have you tried doing multiple presses in a row either w/ spot OR against the wall? for me, that really helped me to learn the right postions / muscle movements.
I tried multiple ones on the wall, I can do about 3 in a row-5 on a good day...
Is there an...ideal number you should be able to do if you can press handstand?

I tried looking for the list of abs conditioning...but can't find it.
I only know the basic...rather boring exercises, so I won't mind a list. xD
I'm having so much trouble with press to handstands too! But my summer goal is to be able to do them!

I think my problem is strength also, but not ab strength. Do you need a lot of arm or leg strength?

ok, here's a list of abs conditioning :D
- hollow holds
- hollow rockers
- side rockers
- reverse hollow holds (hold yourself up on only elbows/forearms and toes; in a hollowed positon facing floor)
- tuck ups (hollow hold then bend legs and sit up a bit; repeat)
- v-ups (same as tuck ups... but with straight legs)
- leg lifts (hanging from bar, bring straight legs up and touch the bar)
- side abs holds ( lay down facing to the side, then balance on elbows and feet, hold, then switch sides

umm thats all i can think of at the moment. i'm sure you already knew most of them, but homefully i gave you some new ones! i know i'm not the best at explaining how to do stuff so just let me know if you want a better explanation of any of those :)

oh and no, there really isnt a specific number of presses you have to be able to do against the wall before being able to do them normally, but i can easily do... i dont know... 20ish maybe (?) against the wall. - but dont freak out about that - i could probably do only about 10 against the wall when i first got my press. dont worry - you'll get it. just keep practicing and once you can do lots against the wall, try some off a panel mat again.
lol thanks-I forgot about half of those abs exercises

Oh yeah, Robindq brought up a good point-
is/how much arm strength is necessary?
I'm very weak in that.

And good luck to you too, Robindq xD
I was just coming to ask about the press handstands. I was going to ask when your dds got them. My dd is 6 and just got her press handstand about 1 week ago. She almost has her straddle press handstand but sometimes needs a little spotting on her hips on the way out and up. Make sense? I don't know any other exercises to do to help, but just practicing seems to really build up that strength.
I think that balance and body control has a lot to do with the press handstand also. It takes arm and abs strength at first, but then you have to shift your weight and hips over your shoulders. Also, it is somewhat of a slow and controlled element that requires finding your center.
azgymrats- my daughter did her first straddle press handstand when she was 4 years old. Of course she is much better at controlling them now but she is 7. I have heard that some girls never get their press.
Good luck
Help on press handstand

I have the same problem. What seems to help me is when either a coach or a friend helps me, but doesn't completely lift me to handstand. That way I'm doing most of the work and getting used to it. I also recenty hurt my foot so I've been working on arm strength, which really seems to help.:thumbsup:
ohh im not the only one working on this skill tooo!!
I have it pat down against the wall, but again i think its lower ab strength? I have an insane upper abb strength just lacking in lower haha.. ugh i think that might be the problem. Another tip my coach gave me is to lay on a long block, with your hips at the end and hands on floor, and sort of drag your legs up and into handstand it helps get the feel up the pulling. I to am working my butt off to get this skill! so lets keep everyone here updated on our progress with the skill! its not an easy one for sure.. and my coach said that some people just dont get it. but i am deteremined to be one who does :)
Good luck with everyones press to handstands
I'm one of the unlucky ones who will never get a straddle press due to body proportions (if I sit in a straddle, I can't put my hands flat on the ground without really leaning forward), but one thing that has helped me press from a push-up position is to really think about rolling my back up. A lot of people think about leaning over their hands and lifting their hips up, but they sometimes end up trying to press from more of a planche position.

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