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Mar 20, 2022
Hello! This season I am going to do an aerial Bhs connection on beam! I know this connection is not very common unlike the BHS loso, which seems to be a very popular connection. Some of my teammates are doing front aerial BHS. So this just got me curious, what are some cool/unique connections you have seen at competitions? Or what are some cool connections you have tried?
I’ve seen side aerial roundoff connection for level 9 and side aerial side aerial connection for level 10 (since you can only do one restricted D in L9). I’ve also seen front toss back tuck and front toss bhs connections. The roundoff back tuck connections are always really cool. I also love the bhs onodi connection.
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I competed front walkover front handspring, which almost no one ever did. Then upgraded to front aerial front handspring. I preferred landing the fhs in arabesque on one foot...eventually added a gainer layout step out.
  • Roundoff/cartwheel bhs
  • Roundoff bt
  • Fwo Fwo
  • Cartwheel bwo
  • Bhs bwo (reverse order)
  • Bt bt
If you think about it, there are endless connections that can be made... though some are obviously preferable to others. I liked hearing about Coach Kate's front tumbling on beam. I have some teammates who are convinced that they will never do a bhsstepout. ( capable... but stubborn:p) the cartwheel roundoff maxes out at level 8 and we've never had someone compete past that without bhs bhs or bhs bt.
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