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Level 9 Gymnastics

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  1. R

    WAG Can a cuervo be done as a l9 vault?

    DD is now going back and forth between training a tsuk layout and a cuervo, but she can't find the cuervo listed in the L9 vault chart. Her coach really wants her to work on and compete that vault, but she isn't sure it's something she can compete in 9. Anyone have insight?
  2. G

    WAG Level 9 tumbling passes

    For those of you that have had a daughter compete level 9, how common is it to see someone compete two tumbling passes for floor at a meet versus three? My daughter competed three passes at level 8, but this year for 9 her coach is considering having her do two passes. She has her routine...
  3. GymnastMomX2

    WAG Level 9 bonus

    I’ve been researching online and I *think* I have level 9 bonus figured out. I made myself this cheat sheet, can anyone let me know if something is wrong or missing. *D skills count as C for connection bonus FLOOR D = +0.10 Dance Bonus C+C = +0.10 Acro Bonus (Direct) B+B = +0.10 A+C =...
  4. A

    Anon Level 9 Bar Routine Start Value

    What would be the start value of this level 9 bar routine? Kip squat on, jump to the high bar, kip cast to handstand, 1/2 pirouette to shootover, kip squat on, jump to the highbar, kip cast handstand, giant, giant, double back dismount. If it's not a 10.0 start value what is missing?
  5. G

    WAG Level 9 beam questions

    Would a handstand on beam fulfill the front/side acro requirement in level 9? If not, any ideas on how to fulfill this requirement? She is not flexible enough to do a front walkover or front aerial.
  6. B

    WAG Any replacement skills for free hip handstand in level 9?

    I am looking to add bonus to my bar routine, although I could do a free hip handstand mine are very weak and I'd like to look for something better. I know I could do a stalder or toe up to handstand but are there any options that are similar besides those 3? Thanks!
  7. B

    Coaches Do I need a free hip handstand in my level 9 bar routine?

    I'm coming from a small gym where we have never competed in DP before (I'm petitioning in) so it's been hard to understand all of the rules and requirements perfectly. Currently my bar routine is Kip, handstand, pak salto, kip, handstand 1/2 pirouette, kip, jump to high, kip, handstand, giant...
  8. G

    Parents Level 9 beam requirements

    Trying to figure out requirements for level 9 beam! DD is planning on competing a BHS BT as her series (B+C), switch leap jump tuck 3/4 (C+C), and a round off full dismount. She is struggling with getting an aerial or another salto, was wondering if she needs one to start from a 10? Any help...
  9. T

    WAG Some higher level gymnastics related L9 questions!

    Hi everyone, I'm a 13yo gymnast currently training for L9. My plans are to compete another year of 8 while working to gain and feel comfortable competing all of my L9 skills. First of all I'm wondering if the following routines would be sufficient for L9/looking into L10. Vault - Training...
  10. G

    WAG Level 9 beam

    My daughter is working on moving to level 9 this upcoming season. She is ready everywhere but is struggling with an on and off mental block on her backwards series on beam. She can do a single back handspring without a problem but has a block on connecting to another back skill. She is hopeful...
  11. Home

    Parents L9 thinking of quitting gymnastics

    Hi, our daughter is 14 and completed L9 last year. She had a tough season with major changes in coaching at her gym, was sick a lot (colds) and had a couple of minor injuries. She only competed 2 meets all four events. She has been taking a break from practice. We were just ordering more...
  12. T

    WAG Level 9 Bars

    What are the most common release moves that you’ve seen for level 9 bars? Or what are the most common routines that you see at meets, particularly for first year level 9s?
  13. G

    Parents Another thought :Western competition level 9

    I see so many level 9 gymnasts try very hard to get on western , then the next year they get to a point where they just burnt out and quit maybe because of too much injuries or other reasons just don’t have fun anymore. I am thinking maybe leting go the Western, and savinvg energy for level 10...
  14. A

    Anon L9 beam

    Can you repeat the same C skill in the routine? DD is planning to do BHS BT along with a split jump back tuck. Is it okay to do two back tucks in the routine or does she need a different acro skill?
  15. G

    WAG Level 9 Acro series connection with side Ariel

    Hey I’m a level 8 gymnast tryna go 9 next season but am struggling to find an acro series. I did backwalk backhand as my series this year, and was gonna do backhand back layout for 9. The whole reason I didn’t put backhand backhand in my 8 beam routine is because I place my hands really weird...
  16. Anonymous Post

    Anon Start value for level 9 bar routine

    What would the SV be on level 9 for this bar routine: Kip cast handstand pirouette Kip cast handstand to Chinese sit up (toe shoot??) Kip cast handstand Free hip handstand 2 giants Double back dismount They are taking pak out temporarily for more work/clean up.
  17. G

    Parents L9 Floor passes

    Hi. My daughter is a level 9 and her coach said she has a 9.8 start value for her floor but for some reason every time we go to a meet they move her down to a 9.7. I’m not sure why she’s losing her bonus when she doesn’t fall on any of her passes. her passes are round off, back handspring full...
  18. W

    Parents Easier, more difficult events L8 to L9

    As a girl moves from L8 to L9, which events) would you expect her to get comfortable with and score well more quickly, and which event(s) would you expect to take her longer to master and maybe even scratch in early meets. Of course all girls are different, so we are talking generalities here...
  19. PeanutsMom

    WAG What needs to be added... (L9 Beam Routine)

    What needs to be added to this beam routine to make it Level 9? Straddle up handstand mount full turn Switch leap/Sissone BHS BHS Side Aerial BHS Back Tuck dismount Thanks for feedback
  20. littlegirlsdream

    WAG Lvl 9 bar question

    At level 9 if the gymnasts starts with high bar and does Kip cast push away Pak will there be a deduction for not hitting a handstand? Thanks

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