For Parents Update on my little gymmie (long)

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Proud Parent
Feb 16, 2008
Hi all,

I cannot believe how fast this summer went and we are in our third week of school here. I have mostly lurked this summer and not posted too much. Thought I would check in about my Bug.

Summer was good here, no real breakthroughs like last summer. Will run thru each event:

Bars: Much more consistent with her kip, but still not with straight arms. Trying to correct her FHC so that she ends more on her hips and gets that horizontal cast out of it. Our gym expanded at the end of the summer so we now have two sets of uneven bars, one set is wider than the other so until we got the second set she was not yet working on jumping to the high bar--only to the single rail at high bar height off of blocks. Well the week after the second set came and now one set is closer in, Bug started to jump to high bar herself--got too confident and peeled off the bar one handed and landed on her back (this was at open gym). So we are back to square one with that jump to the high bar. She is doing at practice with starting by holding her coach's hand then jumping--form is still quite poor so not close to attempting a long hang kip out of it. She did get one really good cast to handstand this summer holding the handstand for several seconds before returning to the bar. Still trying to do it again though.

Beam: Definately level 5 ready on beam. Handstand completely vertical, cartwheels with very little to no wobbles. The dreaded BWO has been a problem. She is still quite afraid to go backwards on the beam, but is at least now at the point that she will warm a couple up on the squishy beam, then move right to the low beam with no mats. She still has quite the hesitation, and misses some before she get her rhythm and makes them. Even at the middle of summer she would go a whole beam rotation and miss everyone, then her coach would keep her off the next rotation to stay on the beam and work BWO, and she would only make 1 or 2. Have yet to get to the medium beam with them. Can really use the beam and no fear fairies here.

Floor: Much more polished RO BHS. Has all level 5 skills here too. Working to improve front tucks, and to actually get a BT that looks like a tuck, not an armless BHS.

Vault: Her is where DD says she improved the most "I learned my vault run". They use a mat before the springboard that they are not allowed to step on, and finally DD figures out how to run, not step on it, and hit the board with more power. They have been trying to increase power and try to have the girls clear the level 4 vault the longway. DD is one of the shorted, so only as made it as far as her calfs and feet hanging over the mat. They have also been vaulting over the level 4 mat turned side was in prep for going over the vault table. Bug is been doing OK with this making it over with straight body. They are also starting to go over the vault table to a stack of resi mats to their backs. Still have struggles with this due to her size.

Competetion plans: She will be a level 4 for the fall season, techinically she is a first year level 4 as we did not do the fall comp season, and only did the winter invites that most team us as move up meets. We will have three meets with states being the 4th fall meet. Plan currently is for her to go 5 in the winter season, with the first team winter meet being at the end of Jan in Wisc Dells, with 2 or 3 more to follow (Chicago and Harley--3rd one in up in the air). Bug and I are also traveling to Cancun at the beginning of Jan for a meet that is optional for the team (girls level 4 and up). I think that she will do level 4 here so that she is confident and worry free with her routines.

I am really still quite worried about level 5 bars and vault. Should be interesting to see what happens.

Thanks for reading, good luck on everyones seasons. Love to read and watch the meet updates.

Feb 26, 2007
It sounds like Bug is coming along nicely. L5 is a big jump skill wise and things just take time. Glad you crept out of lurkdom to share with us.


Proud Parent
Mar 6, 2009
Oh I'm so looking forward to the season and hearing and seeing how awesome all the gymies do!

I came out of lurking today too . . . must be a full moon LOL


Sounds like she's really doing well! Can't wait to hear how meets go.
Wow! It sounds like she's really moving quickly in her skill acquisition! How cool that she can compete 2 levels this year. That has got to make her feel good:)

Good luck to her this season, We'll be watching for meet results!


It sounds like she is doing great! January is a long way away and plenty of time to work on those bar and vault skills. My dd had a difficult time on bars and vault last year at L5. Vault is particularly difficult for most of the little ones who just don't have the height or weight to put into it, though some do seem to have springs in their legs. Congrats to Bug on getting all her floor and beam skills and starting to work on the L6 stuff too! It's great that she can compete two levels this year.



Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
Nice to get an update!!! Sounds like Bug is doing great. I am sure she can get her L5 skills nice and solid for Spring season. Cancun sounds fun!! I know she will do great this season at L4 for sure! :)


Wow 2 levels in one season! She has lots of time to gain more confidence too! Best of luck this upcoming season!
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