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Hi All,

Last week I posted about my dd wanting to quit gym--saying she was 'bored' and wanted more time at home. I told her she would have to stick it out for a while. She has complied, and keeps going to gym. I have backed-off of talking to her about gym or asking any questions. Just being very non-chalant about it all.

Well, the other day she got a new skill. At her gym, they are allowed to go early to practice, or stay late afterwards, and use the gym (kind of 'open-gym'-like), as long as they practice some skill, and don't just bounce around in the pit, etc. So my dd, never having been trained on the strap bar (L6 skills only right now during practice), and has only watched the Optionals train on it, goes & straps herself in, starts swinging, and suddenly, she is doing giants around & around the bar, straight legs, straight arms & all.

I was there hanging out for a few minutes after dropping her off, & after she did a few more turns of the same thing, she comes over to me all excited & says 'did you see that?! I did my giant!' I say, 'wow, when did you guys start working on those?' She says, 'never, I just did it for the first time right now!' I calmly said, 'cool!', & left a few minutes later.

Since then, she has been doing them after every practice for few minutes. I made her ask her coach if it was ok--he said 'fine', told her 'it 'looks pretty good', & gave her a few tips. Since that time, whenever I have looked-in on her at practice, she has been her bouncy, smiley self, like she normally is there.

I finally broke down yesterday, and casually said, 'so, are you feeling a little better about going to gym these days?' She replied, 'a little, I mostly look forward to going on the strap bar after practice'. I said, 'oh', & left it at that.

So that is where we are. I will continue to keep the 'stick w/ it' plan, and stay more backed-off. Like, if she needs to miss a practice here & there during Summer (they are there 5 days a week), to have some time w/ friends, I will let her. This usually helps--she doesn't like me to pry or push too much about gym---which I get, she needs to 'own' it for herself, it's not my sport.

I think she loves to get new skills (as they all do). This new giant, coming from out of nowhere, may have cured some of that 'boredom'. And school is out tomorrow, so maybe she will feel less 'schedule-pressure'.

After talking w/ you all in this forum last week, I have come to a better place about being at peace when her quitting time does come, so I thank you all for that. I do realize that she will want to move on at some point, and that is ok. However, I am also ok w/ making sure she sticks w/ a committment, and takes some time to hang in there, before jumping out too quickly. Quite the tricky balancing act for me (they are not the only ones who struggle w/ balance, right?!), and I am not so great at it, but I am trying.

Thanks for letting me ramble, and brag a bit!

Take Care


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Feb 26, 2007
Giants on the strap bar are so much fun.:) Isn't it lovely she has found something that makes gym fun again.

Sounds like you did all the right things for your DD, we knew you could.;)
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