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Mar 7, 2008
Region 7
The girls and I just got back from USAIGC States in Wildwood, the weather was beautiful and the girls had a great weekend spending time with their teammates!

But...the real reason for being there.......
Big DD had an 8 am report time on Saturday. She competed in the Gold level 11-12 year old age group. She did not place on any event BUT she did her pirouette and giant-giant-flyaway!!!! :bars: On floor, she added a double turn and she stuck her bhs bhs on beam. WTG Kelsey!!!

Now....Little Monkey's report time was 2:30, 2 sessions after Kels. I gave K permission to go off with her friends because of the sibling issues we've been having, so she would not be around for this session.

LM competed in the Bronze 6-8 yr old group.
LM also started on bars. She kept to the simple routine with the 4 requirements, and got 9.25!
Beam, a couple of bobbles, but otherwise solid -9.425!
FX - also a good performance, 9.20.
At this point, she is going for a 37 AA and the other team parents were all pretty confident it would happen...however, we had noticed that ALL of the vault scores were very low, many in the 6's and 7's. I just figured the scores were low b/c alot of the kids in this level/age are small, and just getting used to the handspring vault, so it wasn't unreasonable to see low scores. Heck, LM"s first year competing this vault, she was in the 6's. Well, she does 2 really nice vaults and the score goes up .......8.2 :confused: Hmmmmm...

So she ended up with the AA of 36.075 which is good. We go out to awards and they give out these Bobbleheads for something special on each event. LM got the bobble for beam, for her headstand mount! she was so excited!!! Then they announced there would be something different, they were starting with the AA first, then event places. So, here's how she did....
AA - 2nd place!!!
Vault - that 8.2 earned her 3rd place (first was only 8.6)
Beam - STATE CHAMP!!!!!!
Fx - 4th place
LM was clanking all over the place. Thank GOD her sister was not there!!! Afterwards I found out that one of the older girls had warned her mom to please not make a fuss over LM when Kelsey is around, which I thought was really sweet, but we still have to deal with this issue.

On Sunday, LM did Silver FX in the 7-9 yr old. She scored 8.3, did not place.

We (as a team) decided not to go to Nationals, so I will have a few months break before starting up again in September!
Great job, both girls did wonderfully Kelsy must be so proud of getting those new skills in. LM must've had a blast.

Hope the siblings can cope with the latest results.

Sounds like a great weekend.

A big WTG Kelsey!!! Those are some seriously hard skills. And LM did awesome! Good luck trying to find a little balance with the sibling rivalry.

DD would be SOOO jealous. At her states they awarded top 50% and all places got the same exact medal . . . including AA. So we left with 6 identical medals and some left empty handed.

DD would be SOOO jealous. At her states they awarded top 50% and all places got the same exact medal . . . including AA. So we left with 6 identical medals and some left empty handed.

Our states also awards top 50% but the 4thplace + ones are slightly smaller and a different color than the gold, silver, bronze. They also award all places for AA, as "participation" so Kels and her friend got those, and at their age, they don't really want them LOL.
Congrats to both girls on a great State meet! Your older dd is performing at such a high level, the reward has to be competing those skills successfully! I don't think we have USAIGC here in Fla., it sounds so awesome! I love how everything is so must be alot of fun to watch, vs watching the same routines (and music) over and over! Congrats to both of your talented dd's!
Great update about both girls!! I was looking for scores somewhere, but couldn't find any. I was wondering how our girls did and nothing is posted on the gym's website.

Enjoy your down months, at least until Fall when it will all start up again. LM doing 6 this coming season?
Congratulations to both of your DD's!!! K's skills are MUCH to be proud of!!! And LM did just awsome. Hope you can find a way to deal with the sib rivalry....they are BOTH such amazing individuals:D!
Congrats to both your girls!!! I hope the sibling issues get worked out soon. Has to be so stressful for you.
Congratulations to both your girls! It's awesome that your older dd competed those difficult skills and LM did fantastic!
Wow, congrats, sounds like both your girls did great. Not sure what is happening with sibling issues, as I haven't frequented here lately. But hope big sis was proud of little sis anyway.
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