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Granny Smith

Proud Parent
Jun 21, 2007
If you are talking about their competition warm-up, no never. First it costs to darn much for her to just be wearing it and secondly, she hates the thing anyways... :rolleyes: It definitely is not her style, I can barely get her to wear when she needs to.


Gold Membership
Feb 26, 2007
No they are too fancy to work out in, and they would be ruined quickly, bling does come off if washed too often.

gym law mom

Proud Parent
Dec 23, 2006
Gym rule is competition warm ups are only to be worn at the meet. Rest of the time it hangs in the closet.

Ours are only 2 yrs old(just like yours, Bog) and by mid season some of our compulsory kids were seeing alot of wear on the knees and butt. So, they are really enforcing not wearing them when you don't have to. The optional girls are just folding them up and putting them in their gym bags and then putting them on at the meet site.


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
DD only wears hers to meets. She is allowed to wear her jacket with jeans if we go to a meet where she isn't competing. Makes her feel like part of the team still. She did this this weekend when we went to watch her L9 big gym sis and teammates compete. Other girls from her team do this as well. :D Her warm up jacket looks like a black leather jacket with flames on it, so looks pretty cute with jeans. :)


My daughter only wears hers to meets. They cost too much for anything else! I think the rest of the team is pretty much the same.
Jun 11, 2008
Region 1
Competition warm ups are too expensive - ditto. I did buy a cheaper warm up that matches the gym colors for daily use. I think I added DD name for $5 at a local embroidery shop.


Proud Parent
Mar 1, 2007
LOL, our "warm-up" & comp leo are the only clothes in this house treated like gold. They are only worn to meets and then come right off and put right away. Think shrine! It was so expensive and we want to get as much use out of it as possible. Also, we have bling bling on ours and try not to wash it too much. last year I madfe it thru with only 2 washes. This year I think I am at about 2 or three washes & it still looks good. DD had a huge growth spurt and I have to let out the pants, but I hope we can get one more year out of it. It's a GK CS and for some reason the warm-ups run larger than the leos.


Aug 3, 2007
No, our gymmie's warm ups are for meets. And, they aren't really that "warm". They are more for looks anyway. Since it's about 20 degrees here, she prefers to wear nice, thick, warm, fleecy, stretchy, off and on type pants and pullovers over her leos to practice. That's the way it's always been here- by her choice.


Active Member
Nov 5, 2007
I guess we are the exception.My daughter loves wearing her warm up suit pants.This year we have a very reasonable priced warm up and everybody was able to order it themselves from the supplier.So I don't mind if she wears it and the coaches don't mind either.
In the past I treated it like gold too and by the time they purchased new warmups(new styles) the old ones where to small and she hardly ever worn them.
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