What can she do to score higher

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Oct 26, 2007
DD got a very low score on her floor routine two weeks in a row. I really expected this last meet to be much higher ( But it was lower) because to my eye it looked much better and at least this time she didn't go out of bounds 3 times! I know she has a long way to go in cleaning up this routine but I still feel its was a low score. What can she do to get a better score. I know she needs to work on holding the handstands for 1 sec., kicking the leg above horizontal, the legs came apart in the back roll, sharper prance prance and I know her robhs was a bit sloppy but her score was 7. She must be doing a lot wrong to get a score like that. What else does she need to work on?

YouTube - floor
I'm probably not going to be much help to you because I'm still trying to figure things out. I don't want to give you any advice that may be wrong, lol! But I did want to tell you that I thought the 7 seemed way too harsh! Are you sure she didn't step over the line? It was a bit hard to see with the other gymnast sitting there. That's the only thing I can think of????

I thought it looked great!
Yeah, a 7 was really harsh on that routine. All that you said I would have told you. But I think the biggest issue was the leap step hop part. It was a bit sloppy (needs to be sharper, a little higher etc). I couldn't tell was her split down all the way? Basically, the routine is good, just needs a lot of touch ups with form, sharpness and tightness. Here in Illinois that probably would have scored around a low 8. If she just improves the form she would go mid 8's. The round off flip flop was pretty good, again, squeezing on the rebond will help. I've coached now for 12 years, and there are still times I have no idea what the judges were looking at. And this routine was a classic case of that. Best of luck in the future:)
I agree with Pixie flips. A 7 seems really low. Maybe have her start further out next time to give her more room. It is all a learning process. I have seen some coaches mark the starting spot on the floor with a piece of tape. Tell your DD that she did great.
Thanks, I will tell my DD. I was super proud of her, 7 or not its was such an improvement from last week that I could tell she had worked really hard on it. I asked her if she went out of bounds she said no and I watched the judges during the routine and they didn't put their hands up. I assume she had her split all the way down. She usually does.
I have to agree a 7.0 is pretty low. I am not a judge, but a few years ago I was going to test to be one. I haven't studied in awhile, so these deductions may not be exact.

I would take about .1 for the first handstand for not being held
the front limber kick over prolly killed her- she didn't really ever get her legs together in vertical. I don't know off the top of my head how much that deduction is, but i think at least .2-.3.
All her kicks need to achieve horizontal. I think it's .1 for each.
In her leap her back leg is lower than her front. .1
The hop doesn't hit horizontal: .1
Three steps out of the leap pass .3
The back roll: proll .1-.2 for legs apart, .1-.2 for not maintaining a round position. .1 for head sticking out.
Back handspring rebound- .2 for lack of control/steps.
back handspring knees: .1

Those are the major ones I noticed. It's kinda hard to see and youtube isn't always the best quality when looking for deductions. I'd put it in the low eights I'd say. Super easy fixes and it could be in the nines.

I hope this helps a bit! She did great, tell her not to worry about the judges scores. It's only one or two people's opinions. What matters is how she feels.
I didn't see to much wrong with the routine other than form breaks and it seemed choppy in parts. I do think a 7.0 is low considering that my dd just scored an exact 7.0 on her floor routine WITH a SPOT on the ROBHS. She does compete MDL which only deducts .50 for a spot. Here is the video of my dd's routine (don't mean to hijack your thread but it might be interesting to look at both routines to compare since they scored exactly the same).

YouTube - St Marys Floor Ex 1/24/09
You know after one of my first L4 meets I went to the judge and asked what could help us and she said that on the small hops in the beginning that their hands need to not flop around they only go up on the straight jump and out on the leap. It was really hard to see the routine but I noticed that and that also on her releve lock pivot right before the chasse she doesn't keep her knees straight and her chasse doesn't quite look right but I couldn't see it super good. Sharpness in her turn would probably help as well. Make sure she is really keeping her shoulders pushed forward on her handstand to bridge. That is a big judges pet peeve round here. Also the leap didn't have even leg seperation and then alot of extra steps in between. Anywho just my input. On this video it looks like she has the same prob as one of my gymnasts who is really good at keep her legs tight to the knees but from knees to toes tends to come apart.
Arm position on the hops in the beginning is just text; it won't make or break a routine. Did she get a high 7 or a 7.0? She's taking some extra steps in her routine (into the leap, after the leap, and it looks like she takes too many into the RO BHS, but it's hard to tell on the video), and at .1 each, that can certainly rack up some deductions. Also, the backward roll to push-up had some form issues, and the RO BHS had problems with direction and form. Although my sound isn't working for some reason, she stands around a bit and appears to wait for the music to catch up-- that can also incur deductions.
You must have tough judges like we do here. They must take every deduction possible, it seems. My daughter finally got into the high 7s this season with her floor and she looked so much better to me than last season. I thought your DD looked pretty good out there! :D

I know that my DD has been working on staying tight, getting those kicks before the handstand forward roll past horizontal, arms by her ears, etc. I noticed your DDs kicks were like hers last season, need to be up higher, I told my daughter to hear in her head, step KICK so she would remember to kick high. I think everyone else has covered the major things and possible little "tenthed to death" things. Her chasse part, looked different than we do ours, but it seems to vary a bit by gym, so who knows.

If she felt good and was happy, that is what matters. You said she improved from last week, that is a good thing, she will probably keep improving. DD watched Maddi (leistrafamily on YouTube) and she really got what tight and sharp, big kicks, etc were. She loves watching other little girls on YouTube. YouTube - Level 4 Gymnastics - Best of 2008 Compulsory Season
I'm no expert on this routine (they changed in 2005 and I was a level 7 or 8 at this time so I was never taught the new routines). But I'm pretty sure most of it is flexibility. Her skills were getting close to the requirements (leaps, kicks, hop after leap, etc.) but still too small. Also form, its the easiest part of the routine but in lower levels everyone has the most difficult time with it. She just needs to remember to point her toes and straight legs. Another thing is after the leap and hop she took 3-4 extra steps. Just fix these little problems and hopefully she should be scoring higher.
I think this was the Flipfestival.We were there too.The scoring was very very very tough.
The girl that took first in our session had a 8.6.I actually watched that routine and thought it was very clean.

i really dnt know how to help really .........smiling helps...pointed toes you know the regular things keep your legs together during your backward roll make those jumps at the start of the routine a lil sharper and hold that handstand ........i honestly tink that a 7 is waaaaaayyy 2 low im no judge but she deserves more shes a great gymnast
dont let this get you down ...keep it up caz your really good
good luck]
A 7.0 does seem low, and it is hard to see the little details on the video. Some things to keep in mind, any extra steps (for example after the leaps) are a .1 for each step, each kick is deducted separately, a lever needs to be shown going in and out of the handstands. Anytime a gymnast is supposed to be in a releve position and she is not there is, or is not high enough there is a .1 deduction.

Judges can take up to .4 for text errors, which was mentioned earlier on the jumps. Have you watched any routines on You Tube, there are some great ones on there and it might help her to see the routines.

I'm sure her scores will go up as the season goes on.
I agree with what everyone said....the judging seemed harsh. My DD was scoring in the 7's last year when she began L4 as a 6yr old just because of the extra steps, poor form with bent knees & not being tight, and sloppy ROBHS. Your DD has the skills and better BHS than my DD, no spot at all, so I am scratching my head about how low that was too. I think she just needs some experience, straighten those legs & knees out, work on the leaps and being careful of extra steps and she will get much bigger scores. I even agree with someone who said the lowest scores are in the begining of the season and sometimes the judging is just low all around for everyone. See what the 1st place FX score was for her age group, it will give you a good idea.
In addition to the things mentioned above, I noticed her bounce jumps (jump, jump, split jump) travel forward and the arm postitions don't look quite right. She may not have hit a good handstand position with a one second hold before the bridge (but, her kickover was beautiful). Were her arms bent in the backward roll to hollow? And it didn't look like she went from a finish position to a prepare position (feet brought together with arms to the sides) before the ROBHS. I don't know if that would be a deduction or not.
You may want to ask the coaches if she can start her routine a little further out of the corner (i.e. a few more steps towards the center of the floor). Level 4 floor doesn't take up as much space as 5 and above. Your dd looks a little cramped for room after the prance steps.
Another thing you can check is if your dd is a left or right tumbler. If she tumbles left than the whole routine has to be left and vice versa if she tumbles right. Her coaches will understand what that means. Dd didn't know that when she was 1st starting lvl 4 and was taking deductions for turning the wrong way and leaping with the wrong leg etc.. It can be hard for the coaches to remember who tumbles left vs. right if it's a large team and there are a lot of new level 4s.
I think 7 was a pretty low score too (but, I am watching with parent goggles!). She may have gotten a very particular judge. Her skills look very good. With practice she'll get it polished and her scores will go up!
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