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My boy just competed at level5. He made it to regionals and placed about in the midle of the pack. The coach has decided not to move him up to level6 He is not moving any of the level 5 boys up 4 made it to regionals. I am worried about this because my understanding was you should accomplish a level each year and move on to the next. Is this not the case? I dont want him to fall behind the normal progression. He is 7 years old.
There are several answers to this.

The first is that there is no hard and fast rule about the speed at which a kid should move up. It is not at all unusual to repeat a level, and it's not anything you should automatically be worried about.

The second is that under normal circumstances, if a kid is good enough to make it to regionals, coaches should generally be able to get them prepared for the next level by next season, in my opinion. HOWEVER this is not a hard and fast rule either, and there are a number of completely valid reasons the coach might have for keeping your son at 5 for another year.

The third is that your kid is very young, and I, despite being generally pretty gung-ho about pushing my kids forward, would be hesitant to have somebody as young as 7 compete level 6, even if he may have the skills for it. I know there are age requirements at each level, but I don't know off the top of my head what they are.

My advice would be to ask the coach. He could have any number of reasons for keeping your kid at 5 for another year. Being more familiar with your kid than any of us are, he will be able to answer your questions far better than we can.
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Yes he did cover it pretty well. Level 6 doesn't have and age group for 7 year old anyways. He could only move up one year by going through future stars I belive. 7 year olds are good in level 5. Don't rush him, have faith in his coach. I am sure next year he will be on top of the "pack" instead of in the middle. Keep us posted.
Geoffrey covered it very everyone else has already said.

7 years old is very young, there are top level gymnasts that didn't even start until older than this. Remember, men peek at an older age and are now easily competing into their mid twenties (with some going towards thirty).
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