Where do you buy equipment?

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Just looking for ideas where you buy equipment from. I am looking for preschool equipment for my son who is going to be doing at home therapy with a therapist coming to the house. I am wanting balance beam, lots of mats, ladder, shaped mats, monkey bars ect all for inhouse.

Thanks feel free to pm me!
I would post a sign at local gyms or check Craigslist for used equipment. Gym equipment used at home doesn't wear out very quickly, and it's only used for a year or two while a kid is at the lower levels.
We have found some really good deals on mats on ebay. We got an 8 incher and two 4 inchers that go underneath equipment.

Depending on what equipment you are looking for, you can call around to local high schools to see if they have any that they would be able to get rid of. I'm not sure about your area but where I live, schools use to compete gymnastics and aren't allowed to do it anymore because of insurance reasons.

At our gym, if you need something new, we usually buy stuff at the end of meets from the company the host gym rented from. All the equipment is usually brand new and only used once or twice plus you won't have to pay for shipping because you can take it home with you from the meet.
Another idea might be to check with gyms in your area. Sometimes other parents let them know if they have equipment to sell and the gym might match you up.
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