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Feb 27, 2008
I am a relatively new gym about 80 miles southwest of Chicago, Illinois, that's growing rapidly. We are gaining about 100-150 student per year. Right now, I coach the team (currently levels 4-6) on my own and have a few rec coaches.

Can anyone tell me... where do you find experienced coaches?

I have tried placing an ad in USA Gymnastics/Technique magazines and placing an ad on to no real result.

I don't know where else to look :confused:
Apr 9, 2007
where are you located exactly?

To be honest finding good coaches is very difficult, the USAG website and craigslist tend to be the best from what I've heard. Rec coaches are usually the easiest to find in HS students you just have to make sure they are not lazy and you train them properly. Find good team coaches is a pain in the butt! Good luck to you, I know a few coaches in Chicago looking for a job but they're looking for something a little more high level.
Feb 27, 2008
I'm in Ottawa, Illinois - right on rt 80. Rt 71, rt 23, rt 6 all run through our town. It's very easy to get to.

Right now, not counting my preschool program, I have 1 full time adult rec coach and several high school students who are great (awesome personalities!); parents love them too. (I do try as hard as I can to pair the high schoolers with my adult rec coaches as an assistant)

Really, I am looking for an optionals coach that is willing to grow an optionals team. The other team coach that was helping me out just found out that she would be moving out of state due to her husband's job.

My 2 level 6's scored 34's last year. My level 4 team consisted of 12 girls who were great; since we are a relatively new gym, they were all first-year level 4's. They won 2 first team titles and 4th in level 4 South State. Several won 1st place AA's many times. I even had one place 2nd AA at IGI's ChicagoStyle on Navy Pier ("the largest meet" in the country).

Any leads would be appreciated! Thanks!
Feb 27, 2008
If the coach want to be full time and is willing to work rec classes too...
Summer hours can be 30-40+ hours per week
School yr hours currently would be 30+ hours per week (if they could grow some additional daytime classes such as preschool and homeschool, they could have more hours. Currently we are only open 2 mornings a week)

I would also be willing to have a part time coach and hours would be negotiable there too.
If anyone you know is looking for a job, they can send their resume to the gym's email address: [email protected]
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