would this be smart?

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ok yeah i no i havea lot of questions but htis one is really important. i really LOVE gymnastics. to me its the only thing ive ever wanted to do in my life. so i think bythe time the school year starts again i think i would be good on like level 4 or 5 team. but there isnt any good gyms anywhere near me. so my parentwanna move but stay in the state im in. before i said i didnt wanna move farfrom where i am now cause i wanted to go to the same school. but now i relized that i dont care where i go to school just if i have a good gym that would train me well. so my question is would it be smart to tell my parents i wanna move out of state and to a somewhere with a better gym? if so where are really good gyms in the country:confused:


First, I definitely think you should talk to your parents about your dreams. They need to know how committed you are.

Second, there are some awesome gyms in Florida. Orlando Metro comes to mind. There's also ACE in northern Orlando and Tampa Twisters. And I'm sure there are many others. I think several people on this board are from the Florida area so I'm sure someone will be able to help you out.


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Jan 4, 2008
It should not be nessesary to move out of state in order to find a good gym to coach at your level.


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Feb 19, 2007
I definitely agree with Aussie Coach. If you look at the statistics, many gymnasts drop out as they reach the higher levels. Even if you are really dedicated and devoted right now, it's a huge commitment for your parents and you to uproot your lives for a sport that you're just beginning. Just hang in there at your current level and see what happens.... Rethink this issue once you reach optionals!


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Jun 12, 2008
u should follow wat ever ur heart desires! tell them wat it desires! oh edge gymnastics is great! they have great coaches, and really nice team mates! (by the way concord CA) if u are a competative gymnast go there. like if u want to get like 9s and 8s alot! wen i went there, i got 2nd at states! :pray: pray about it!


Bieger International is a nice gym. It's in S. Florida. I don't think you should move out of your State just yet, there are so many good gyms here!
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