wrist pain, mill circle

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Dec 21, 2008
Ok so I just started working on mill circles yesterday. And I found my right wrist hurt quite a bit with the undergrip portion of it. Went home, took some NSAIDS, figured it would be better, still hurts quite a bit today. Just wondering if anyone or their DD has experienced pain when first starting these? My coach figured it was a strength issue, since I have only been back at gym for 5 weeks after 6 months out. If it doesn't get better over the next few days I will call and make a Dr. apt(would have to wait probably until Tuesday though, since Monday is a holiday). Hoping this is a common enough issue?!
Hi Nicci, looks like nobody replied to your question. Did you get it checked out? I've never had a problem with Mill Circle but sprained something in my hand/wrist doing back hip circles, it is in the bone inside my hand that connects to my ring finger. I tweaked it again today doing BHC although not badly. I think it happens when it is hot so my palms are sticky, and if I don't have enough chalk my hands don't move around the bar smoothly.
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I haven't had the chance to have it looked at yet as we have been getting pelted with snow storms every other day here and classes just started this week too. But it is starting to get a lot better, probably will have it looked at this next week hopefully(as long as I don't get snowed in too badly with the NEXT storm!)
Your coach probably isn't a doctor, I'd go get it checked out by a professional if it really hurts and continuously.
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