Wrist Support????

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Hi !!!:):)

What brand do you prefeer for wrist supports?? I use the Gk ones now and I need a new pair. Any advice or website would be helpful also your opinion.:D

Thanks a Ton!

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I like these: Wrist Support There's also a 2" pair on the site, but that size is more for high school age gymnasts. I like these better than tiger paws because they don't change the feel of your hands on the equipment so you have the option of wearing them or not. If I were still competing, I'd probably wear these in practice and then just tape my wrists for competition so the supports wouldn't chop the line of the arm in half.

If you're thinking of getting wrist supports, make sure you're also doing strengthening exercises!


Jul 5, 2007
I've had Tiger Paws for a long time. I try to use them sparingly but at some points there was just no way around them. The only problem is slipping on beam. I tape my wrists for beam and know a bunch of others who also couldn't use the TPs on beam. So a wrist support that can convert from the bottom of the hand part to just the wrist, might be ideal, though I've never tried one, I saw one like that posted here once. I would try to search wrist support on this forum and see if it comes up.
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Jul 20, 2008
canada!... eh
Ive used tiger paws but i also find that they slip on the beam but i love them so i definitely recommend them. I have also heard of these ez pro brace:


I have heard that you can remove the part that covers the hand and they are about the same price at TPs so i would look at thows.
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