Coaches Wrist troubles on 7 year old

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Jul 29, 2007
My dd is 7 years old and has been complaining of her wrists hurting when she is practicing. I see her rolling her wrists several times during practice, mainly when she is doing alot of leg cuts on the bar and backhandsprings. Anytime she is putting all of her weight on her hands is usually when she starts complaining. I spoke to her coach yesterday, and she said it is tendonitis. She told me to have her start squeezing tennis balls whenever she can.
She doesn't complain about them, unless she is practicing.

I just kind of wanted a second opinion on this for other experienced coaches. Does she need to see her doctor?

My daughter had this same issue when she was a little older (around 10). Alot of kids start using tiger paws (wrist supports) but her coach believed that weakens the wrists and that the pain was from a lack of strength. She had her take soup cans and do wrist curls with them each day as a strengthening exercise. After a while she got stronger and the pain went away. Also when she learned new skills that used a lot of wrist action she might have some pain for a while but it went away.
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BHS are one of the first big skills a gymnast gets to that puts a lot of pressure on the wrist so it doesn't surprise me that her wrists are sore at this point. I wouldn't be too concerned right now, but I would increase the strength exercises. Rolling the wrist around in a buket of sand or rice is a good exercise, too.

At this point I would not use Tiger Paws or other wrist support. Very few gymnasts need these supports, and they are often used as a substitute to doing strength exercises.
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