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  1. PeanutsMom

    WAG What needs to be added... (L9 Beam Routine)

    What needs to be added to this beam routine to make it Level 9? Straddle up handstand mount full turn Switch leap/Sissone BHS BHS Side Aerial BHS Back Tuck dismount Thanks for feedback
  2. D

    Coaches XCel Beam Routine Composition Questions + Dance Skills

    Hey XCel coaches, I’ve coached XCel for a couple years as an assistant coach but now I’m the head coach. I’m learning the rules the best I can, but there’s been some things on my mind that I didn’t immediately find answered in the CoP that I was hoping to get guidance on. 1. Can a gymnast turn...
  3. R

    WAG Would this be considered a xcel gold or platinum beam routine?

    My daughter is wondering what level (xcel) routine this would be: tuck jump without hands mount full turn cartwheel, cartwheel split jump, 3/4 turn jump back walkover barani dismount TIA!
  4. JBS

    NCAA How to do a beam routine the right way! (Lexy Ramler)

    This is now going to be my go-to video to show my athlete's how to do beam... SMILE! Watch how much she smiles.
  5. C

    Parents Shortest or extremely short 10.0 start value level 8 beam routine

    Hi, I’m new here :) my daughter is 9 years old and is going to compete level 8 in spring. She is fairly good at beam, got a couple 9.5s as and 8 year old in level 7, competed a Bhs bhs series last year...but she gets very nervous for this event! For fun, she asked me what is the shortest...
  6. A

    WAG Question about BWO in Level 5 beam routine

    My dd is preparing to score out of Level 5 (our gym doesn't compete 5) She is currently having a bit of a mental block on her BWO on beam. It's a skill that she has done in the past but has sporadically caused some fear. She used to have a very flexible back so it has always looked good. But...
  7. A

    Parents beam routine

    Just curious, not for me, for a friend. I think there is a requirement for a beam routine to have some sideways dance in it? What would be the penalty for not including this in the routine? I think it's under the FIG rules (we are not in the US). Can any judges out there help with this...
  8. N

    Parents Beam routine need clarification

    Coach wants to eliminate the bhs and do 2 jump splits Yay or nay
  9. G

    WAG Xcel Gold Beam Routine Input

    I already asked this in the Xcel social group and have one awesome reply already but would like feedback on a Gold Beam routine. Would this routine work for a 10.0 SV: Leap-Sissone, BWO, full turn, split jump-straight jump, front tuck dismount. I think it's missing a second acro skill, but the...
  10. Sarah_the_gymnast

    WAG Really cool beam routine appreciation post

    creds to Rachel Borden, Legacy Elite I first saw this great routine, actually, in the fail video. (2:05) She also has, in addition to that amazing mount, some cool overpoint work and a sweet backwalkover.
  11. Jard.the.gymnast

    WAG Beam routine question

    So, i'm re-choreographing my beam routine for next season, and i have a few skills that i don't feel confident about ( falling out of full turn, cat leap with low knees so it doesn't get credit etc.). Would you put these skills at the beginning/ first half of the routine, so you can get it over...
  12. Jard.the.gymnast

    WAG Beam routine

    Hi, i really need Some new steps for my beam routine. Does anyone here know a fun beam routine from which i can use the dance parts?
  13. kassgymnast_

    WAG Beam routine?

    I have a meet April 1st. I'm a sr 9 (if you've seen my other posts you know that it's basically levels 6-10, you can have any skills) and so rn i'm doing basics ig? I have a bhs bwo for my series, full turn, switch wolf split jump, split leap, wolf jump, and step front layout dismount. But i've...
  14. LindyHopper

    WAG Dreaming of optional beam routine

    Short Stack is dreaming of next year, which will hopefully be her first season as an optional gymnast (no clue if she'll compete 6 or go straight to 7). She is thinking a lot about her beam routine and wants to mount with a press handstand. From what I understand, this is a B skill. If she did...
  15. G

    WAG Level 3 Beam Routine

    In the level 3 beam routine, what is the deduction for not getting your handstand vertical? What about not kicking to horizontal? There are probably more technical terms for this. Sorry :)
  16. e'smum

    Parents is it common for level 6 gymnasts to create own beam routine?

    hi - new to this community. i found it while researching beam ideas for my level 6 gymnast. at her gym they create their own beam routines and while she knows which skills she wants to do and has some filler, she's not really sure how to put it all together and she needs some hand movements...
  17. W

    WAG Artificial leg and still nails the beam routine

    Found that floating around Facebook, and found a YouTube link to make it more shareable here.
  18. dynamicduo

    WAG Is there a deduction for a beam routine being to short?

    My dd is working on her level 7 beam and it clocks in around 40 seconds. She hits all her needed skills (I think), starts down on the beam, does full turn, bwo-bhs, split jump/beat jump combo then cw-bt. I know there are over time deductions but not sure about under time ones! Thanks!
  19. CoachMeg

    WAG 6 year old can't remember beam routine

    Last year I coached the level 3s and they did really really well...3 state champions and top 10 for team! Their were 9 girls in the group and their ages ranged from 7-12 (only one 7 year old). This year I have 14 level 3s.....14!! And their all so much younger. Within that group I have three 6...
  20. zesty

    WAG What do judges look for in a Level 7/8 USAG floor and beam routine?

    Hello, I understand they (judges) are looking for precision and tightness. Maybe they are looking for what they see in the Olympics, but I want to understand why when you look at a gymnast doing a routine that looks very good yet, gets a low score. Are they looking for complicated movements...