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  1. A

    Anon Gym communication about behavior/culture?

    How often (if ever) does your gym communicate about perceived team-wide culture issues? Is it done by email or by team meeting? I’ve been part of other sports with occasional chats when things needed to be discussed, but it happened at an age where they were old enough that coaches would...
  2. G

    Parents Inappropriate Coach Behavior Guide

    I am a little uncomfortable and confused and not so sure if It is normal for male coach to hold gymnast’s thigh and low waist in order to assist the upside down push-up , sometimes touch a little bit butt accidentally, for female gymnasts?
  3. GymMomGa

    Parents Is this normal coach behavior?

    New here! This is our 2nd year on team, but we have been at this gym since my daughter was a toddler in classes. I've defended this gym many times to others who have been negative and usually have a positive attitude. Something happened in the last week thought that makes me look at the gym...
  4. JBS

    Parents Crazy Gym Parent Behavior (Yours or Others)

    Thanks to Jen Kula for another great article that you can read at the following link... What's your biggest CGP moment? What about the biggest CGP moment you have seen or heard about from another?
  5. M

    Parents Twins behavior (or misbehavior!) together

    Hi all! I'm new to CB, been following for some time but now decided to make an account as I hope you can all give me some advice. I have identical twin daughters in gymnastics. They are 6 yrs old and this is their 2nd year in gymnastics. This is not about rivalry, they get along pretty well...
  6. M

    Weird site behavior

    On multiple devices, the site is showing someone else's name instead of mine. I logged out and now am being asked to log in again, but apparently I can still post. Is this happening to anyone else?
  7. T

    WAG Behavior and Attitude

    Today I went to pick up my DD from practice and the coach pulled me aside to tell me that she had a really bad practice. She was frustrated and tearful most of the practice, and when the coach tried to talk to her she turned her back and walked away. The head coach then stepped in and tried to...
  8. G

    Parents behavior

    My dd is 7 years old and has been in gymnastics for 3 years. She didn't know anything when she started and now is doing quite a bit. She is still in rec. The first gym we started at had no control over some of the kids and they would climb and run around. No correction. My dd was one of...
  9. Alibri

    Parents New coach approached me about DD's behavior

    My daughter is 6 and on the L2 team at her gym. All of the compulsory levels have been through a whirlwind over the last two months. They lost a beloved coach that has been there for many years for a personal reason of hers, had a new coach that got fired in a matter of weeks, and now another...
  10. Serenity28

    Parents After practice behavior

    I usually show up to pick up my DD a few minutes before practice is over. I have learned that watching practice is not a good thing. After practice I notice a few parents chat with the coaches after practice about their DD's progression, need for privates, ect. Some do this every practice and...
  11. S

    WAG Gymnast and coach meet behavior

    I have some questions about typical meet behavior. 1. Is it common for the coach to high-five every gymnast after a routine at a meet? I see this all the time on youtube. I'm curious because Dd's coach never high-gives or even really says anything to a gymnast after she competes, but just...
  12. curlymomof3

    WAG Normal coaching behavior at meets

    Hi all, My Dd had her first optional meet a few days ago. Her normal coach was there as well as the head coach who never works with her. She is still a little weak on bars due to bent legs and is working to improve. During warm-up on bars, the HC noticed her bent legs and told her he would...
  13. skschlag

    MAG Skills, behavior, practice

    Like that title? As most of you know, we have a new coach this year. He is feeling his way still, as he came in Sept and had to dive right into season prep as well as getting to knwo his team. The level 7-9 practice has about 8 boys, all aged 11-14. So, no older boys, role models, etc to...
  14. M

    Keeping behavior under control

    I'm curious to know people's opinions on this one...How much of responsibility do the coaches have (if any), for the behavior of their gymnasts during practice? Currently we have a situation at our gym where one specific girl has been extremely mean to my child for months now. I have mentioned...
  15. G

    How does you gym handle bad behavior of a group?

    Just wondering if a few members of a group are misbehaving, How do you handle it? Do you deal with the individuals or punish the whole group?
  16. B

    Behavior Issues in Gym - UPDATE

    Mods, if I should have resurrected old thread, my apologies and please merge. Anyway, just wanted to give everyone an update since so many people gave me advice and sympathy and kind words. After the talk between Bella, her coach, the head coach, and me, things really turned around. I...
  17. N

    Parents Bad meet behavior/sore losers

    I know I posted about DD's very first meet and how one of the parents was kind of ugly and said some not so nice things to me. At the second meet this parent was pretty nice because her DD had a really good meet. At this last meet things got ugly again and at this point I'm thinking this...

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