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  1. Ty’s Dad

    Parents BRAG ALERT

    Ty’s officially a Junior Elite now Bye Bye JO ✌
  2. D

    Coaches Westerns brag alert ,

    Congrats to Emma and Hannah for winning 1st and second on bars at westerns. Hoorahhh!
  3. Sarah_the_gymnast

    WAG BRAG ALERT - Finally got my Korbut on high beam!

    I finally did my Korbut on the high beam with no spot yesterday :D Really exciting for me because I finally have a flight skill that I can't wobble on. I know I need work on my form, but hey ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. First one ever! This was towards the first few I did. My Korbut
  4. munchkin3

    Parents She got her GIANTS!!!!! Brag alert

    I am soooooooooooooo happy for her!!!!! She had been working hollow body 3/4 Giants for a month and was dying to do real ones on the wood bar.......she got her chance tonight, and after 4 tries, they looked pretty good! I guess the drills really pay off.... Thanks to the great coaches.
  5. meganliz77

    Parents Momma brag alert :)

    So our State Meet was this weekend. We are a gym from a very rural area of our state but definitely are well respected for what we are. My sassy little 7 yo ROCKED IT today at comp!!! Couldn't be prouder!!! Finished 16th out of almost 300 level 3 kiddos and had the highest vault score of the...
  6. X

    Parents Small brag alert!

    So so proud of DD. First comp with her new club (she's been there since mid Sept and has not properly competed before now), and she came 7th on bar and on vault out of 43 girls in her age group :) She's really pleased with how she did, so was her HC. Think we were all a little nervous after...
  7. Paint A Melody

    WAG Brag Alert!

    I hurt my hand and wasn't able to tumble much, but because of it I got my Front Tuck Front Tuck on floor! :)
  8. Gymettemom

    WAG Brag alert!

    DD finally fought thru the fear and conquered the fly-away!!! Yahoo! So happy! She was all smiles all day today. She can't wait to get back to the gym next week.
  9. Tally Ho

    Excited parent brag alert!

    DD2 got her straddle lever to handstand last night, first time ever I was so excited for her as it has always seemed so far from happening!
  10. 3rd_time_around

    WAG Brag alert!

    Our gym has finished their competitive season, and we had our levels 1-4 teams finish undefeated and State Champs. Our level 10s were also state champs, and we sent 3 girls to Nationals and 2 to NIT (we only have 12 level 10s, and 3 were unable to participate at regionals). I just have to know...
  11. C

    WAG Brag Alert! KIP

    I got my kip today at practice. I made three in a row and one when my mom picked me up. The first two were with straight arms! I am so happy:)!
  12. Gym Beam

    Parents Brag Alert!

    DD won 1st place All Around at Sectionals today. She got her usual scores with a PB on Floor. It helped that they split her age group into A & B. Plus all her teammates qualified for State. Woohoo!
  13. wgagym

    Coaches Brag Alert!

    So my intermediate tumbling class dared me to do a RO BHS layout tonight. I am in my 30's and have not done that since high school. I am proud to say I pulled it off! A pretty nice one at that! The kids flipped, but the best part is parent reactions;) I have a feeling I won't be able to move a...
  14. Mom2twingymnasts

    MAG Brag Alert - Future Stars

    My son did great at his Future Stars regional testing yesterday. He placed 2nd in the region and qualified to the National Testing. So happy for him!!
  15. AlexsGymmyMom

    MAG Brag Alert !!!!

    My DS just started back at gym last week after having been off for the last month and a half and switching gyms he has finally conquered those evil mushroom circles! He did 2 on Tuesday at practice!! He is so proud of himself as he struggled all last season with them.
  16. F

    Parents Brag Alert: Handspring front somi and here's to one of THOSE sessions!

    You know those sessions when it looks as though the gymnastics fairy found a minute to sprinkle some dust over your child? Well my dd had one of those :) The most fantastic one was her beautiful front handspring front somis, which she was landing very prettily, chest up and plenty of time, at...
  17. gymstaryaya

    Parents Brag Alert!

    Hello guys! It's been a while since I posted, been really busy! Lat time I think I told you guys that my dd was training to score out of level 7, after already scoring out of level 6, 2 months earlier. Well she didn't score out of 7, but had level 8 skills added to her level 7 routine, this...
  18. magymmom

    WAG brag alert

    I find it amazing the difference a month can make in a child and the difference that being done with competition stress can make. My dd has went from being stressed out and scared of skills, to conquering those fears and even performing bigger skills. She came out of gym last night so happy...
  19. F

    Parents Meet Report / Brag Alert

    So after a year of working towards her goal of competing Level 7, DD attended her first meet of the year, and did awesome!!!! No shoulder popping out of joint, no falls, and a little girl who is very proud of herself! :D if you want to check it out, here's the link : Lily's 1st Level 7 Age 8...
  20. Ariekannairb

    Parents Parent Brag Alert

    We had our last level 2 meet today for my 8 year old gymnast. She has been doing gymnastics for a total of about 6 months. She has been having trouble with her back hip circle and decided a few weeks ago that she was going to have it by the last meet. She worked hard during class and even stayed...