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  1. Daisy

    Parents Broken arm

    Hi! I recently broke my arm doing front flips on the trampoline, and I am going to be in a cast for 6 weeks, and am not allowed to do gymnastics for 6 weeks after I get it off. I am missing it already, so I was wondering if there was any training or practice I could do with only one arm? Thank...
  2. T

    Parents Broken Toe

    I always expected DD’s first broken bone would happen at the gym, but she broke her toe in a non gymnastics related event. The orthopedist wants to check her in two weeks and thinks it’s a good possibility she will be cleared to practice again. I was surprised that the toe would heal this...
  3. CLgym

    Parents maybe broken toe?

    Yesterday at practice DD (age 11 L8) jammed/stubbed her toe. She is in quite a bit of pain, particularly when she walks, and there is a decent amount of bruising at the base of the toe (no noticeable injury at the top of the toe/nail area which is where she actually hit). It is the second...
  4. G

    WAG Broken nose

    My daughter broke her nose doing a shoot over on bars. She competed level nine this year but had to miss her state meet due to this injury. We are one week post her injury and she’s allowed to do some basic skills on floor in which she would not bump her nose like simple flips. However when...
  5. W

    Parents Broken Ankle - How long to heal?

    My 14 year old daughter (XCEL Platinum) broke her ankle with a fall off of the beam at a recent meet (Feb 23rd.) Her foot landed half on the top mat and half off - which twisted her ankle and broke it. For those parents whose kids have broken their ankles - how long was your daughter out of...
  6. 0

    Parents Broken radius and ulna

    Hi my daughter broke both her radius and ulna 9 weeks ago - she came out of the cast a week ago and moved to a splint for 2-4 weeks....she is at the gym conditioning and just being with her team but i would love to hear from other parents who's kid has had a simliar injury and how long it took...
  7. G

    Parents Broken 5th Metatarsal question

    Hello! In February my DD broke her 5th Metatarsal. When we went for the 6 week check they found it did not heal and then needed surgery. They were able to bring the bones together with a screw and she has been in a splint for a week now. Initially they said she would be back to regular activity...
  8. M

    Parents Broken big toe - no improvement

    My daughter broke her big toe on a free hip drill.. the next day the orthopedic doc gave us a hard soled shoe to wear and said it should be fine in 4 weeks. That was 3 weeks ago! After 4 days it hurt too much to walk in that shoe. The 2nd week we bought new boot to wear and that also didn't...
  9. A

    MAG Broken Ankle :(

    Oldest son (11) broke his ankle last night at practice. Got a cast on just in time to hop on the plane to Florida. He is so bummed but will cheer his brothers on. I feel so bad for him :(
  10. ALK

    Parents Broken Forearm Recovery

    My 6yr old, level 3 gymnast broke her arm, complete fracture of the ulna and radius, on Aug 27th. She's still in the cast, but I was wondering if anyone has any insight on post-cast healing time. She's finally old enough to compete level 3 and it was a big disappointment for her that she'll...
  11. A

    Excercises for Broken foot?

    Ok guys, I broke my left foot about a month ago, and I am now allowed to put weight on it (with a boot). I obviously can't do gymnastics, but my season starts in November and I need to be as prepared as possible. My parents don't want to pay for me to be in the gym if I can't do anything, which...
  12. Kristie

    Parents Broken Radius After Care

    So, to recap.... My 9 year old broke her right radius bone clear in half. She needed surgery to have a nail put in. She was casted for 5 weeks and now the doc thinks she's ok to be without one. Enter freaked out mom. I know that the ortho wouldn't take her cast off if it wasn't ready to...
  13. L

    Parents Conditioning with broken foot

    I am putting together different ways to condition with a broken foot. My daughter, L9, will be in a cast for two more weeks and then a boot for three and she is looking for a structured conditioning plan. Any thoughts would be great. Thanks!
  14. G

    WAG Broken fingers common when training release moves?

    So how common are broken fingers when training bar release moves?
  15. Goldmedalgirl

    Off Topic Broken?

    Today I was doing a full turn, my baby toe got stuck on the floor and then I heard an extremely loud crack. I freaked out as my toe was becoming numb, it's not really num anymore but it still hurts when I walk. I know that most of you are not permitted to give medical advise but I was wondering...
  16. L

    Parents Broken pinky--can she make it to State?

    DD broke her pinky on her non-dominant hand. Required surgery 4 days later, inserted 2 pins, did not affect the growth plate. State competition is 5 weeks after her injury. Cast comes off about 12-13 days before she would compete. DD has missed the last THREE years of State for various...
  17. D

    When the microwave is broken at the gym...

    ...and it does not look like there is any chance of a new one being replaced...what do you do for cold dinners? Help. Please. I have to deal with this four nights a week. One night I can do cold potstickers with carrots and fruit. Otherwise, I am at a loss...
  18. M

    Parents Switching gyms, moving up, and broken foot

    First time posting here and would appreciate any thoughts. DD is 12. Competed 7 last year and did quite well. For the last couple of years I feel her current gym has not been fair to her (basically not setting her up to succeed, really setting her up to fail in some instances.) They do...
  19. X

    Parents Suspected broken toe

    Had the call we all dread, please can you collect DD from training, she's injured herself :( Turns out, she hit her foot against the wall bars. Looks ok, but got a relative who works in A&E at hospital (ER for the non brits) to check her out. She suspects broken toe, but says the hospital won't...
  20. emilykatherine

    Off Topic Broken and cut foot/toe

    Last night I was walking around my house and I slipped on some water and my foot went under the door and my foot got cut and of course started to bleed and it's still bleeding pretty much but my foot is also bruised pretty badly now and at practice tonight I could barely do anything it's a meet...