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  1. G

    Parents Double full on floor

    Looking for some floor help! DD's coach wants her to either do the double full or double back this year, and is saying they are both D's, however I thought a double full is a C and a double back is a D, just wanting some clarification.
  2. E

    Coaches Teaching double back hip circle

    In our rec program and XCEL, our coaches teach students to do two back hip circles in a row. My understanding is that this combination teaches students to rotate their wrists and keep their body hollow. My thinking is that I would much rather teach a back hip circle ending with a strong cast...
  3. XcelMom08

    Parents Double cast

    When do you stop doing a doing a double cast on bars? My DD said her gym is having her do one cast now vs the other girls on her level.
  4. gymjunkie

    Coaches How to correct head on bars double lay DM landing?

    Has anyone ever had a kid whip their head on a double lay dismount landing, so that it looks like whiplash as they hit the ground? Gymnast says it doesn't hurt, but it doesn't look healthy to me. She does the "tight arch" style of flipping.
  5. Geoffrey Taucer

    WAG Simone's Yurchenko Double Pike: it's real!

    Confirming that this isn't just a mess-around-in-prqctice skill. Simone looks like she's actually gonna compete the Yurchenko Double Pike!
  6. Geoffrey Taucer

    MAG Kaz Double Front on VT by Nick Klessing

    Nick Klessing appears poised to have this vault named after him: A bit of trivia regarding this vault: while it has not been done internationally before, it was done by one gymnast in the USA back in 2009, at Whitlow and also National Qualifiers. That gymnast who first performed it was.... me:
  7. G

    Parents Double full vs double back

    Can someone tell me what letter value a double full and a double back are and why one would train one and not the other?
  8. W

    WAG Simone Biles training a Yurchenko double pike

    Hey! I recently came across a video of Simone doing a Yurchenko double pike into a pit on YouTube. I think that’s super cool and a bit insane! I don’t know if she’ll ever actually compete it but I wouldn’t be surprised if she did. It was just something so fresh with all of the twisting vaults we...
  9. M

    WAG landing problems on double backs

    Hi, I hope I find some help here. One of my gymnasts can"t land the double back. She says she can't see the floor. Right now she is doing them off the trampoline on a soft mat but she always lands on her back, so 2,5 basically. In my opinion most gymnasts don"t really SEE the floor. What...
  10. G

    WAG Double pike trouble

    Hello, I have been having a really hard time doing a double pike on the floor. I’m not sure why because I’ve done all the drills, and I can do it very well off of the tumble track and air floor up to height. My layout sets are very high too. Right before I’m about to go for it my heart starts...
  11. Kaylee_gymnast22

    WAG Double Twis

    Is a back double twist considered a lvl 9 or 10 skill?
  12. M

    WAG Double back tuck acquired at what age?

    I'm curious to know by what age it is reasonable to expect a female gymnast to acquire this skill.
  13. Manauia

    Parents Level 3 broke her radius and ulna doing double bhs in practice, need advice.

    my 8 year old is a level 3 gymnast and tops. She did her first 3 competitions and did great medaled a ton and was really loving being on team...until the dreaded practice where she broke her forearm doing a double backhand spring. She is will be in cast for 6-8 weeks. She was training 12 hours a...
  14. C

    Double Mini Trampoline

    Hello Everyone I'm new here, I'm Coach Antonio. I teach and coach in Atlanta at the Peach Pit. I'm creating a new competitive tumbling and tramp class and team. I'm looking for pre-owned equipment for a good deal. Equipment needed: Double Mini Trampoline Rod Floor at least 42' Landing Zone for...
  15. daisygymnastics

    Double jointed in shoulders?

    Just wondering if I may be double jointed in my shoulders, I have no pain in them but from doing walkovers my shoulders seem to click or pop. Also I’m very flexible in my shoulders, so it wouldn’t be to do with that, so do you think that’s what’s causing this weird feeling?
  16. JBS

    WAG Trinity Thomas 2.5 Twist To Double Layout

    Crazy pass here... Trinity Thomas 2 1/2 twist step out to double layout...
  17. JBS

    WAG Double Layout Off Uneven Bars vs. High Bar

    NOTE: This conversation was split out of the following thread... ------------------------------ For boys it's much easier compared to girls... bar height and lack of a low bar are major.
  18. C

    Parents portait question - double posted in photography

    Have any of you done outdoor posed portraits of your gymnasts? I have googled "ballet dancer portrait alley city" and got a ton of gorgeous pics (I included a few links below to show what I am thinking - these are NOT MY PICS) but when I did the same with gymnast, I got a bunch of kids doing...
  19. D

    MAG Martin's double pike vault

    Anyone else out there see it? It was wicked good, he just needs a better landing! He took second. :)

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