front handspring vault

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  1. Z

    WAG Front handspring vault help!!

    Can someone help me with my front hand spring vault?? I’m SUPER pikey and my coaches have given me every heel drive drill and it’s still horrible and pikey. Can someone please help me fist my pikey vault!!my coachs are annoying bc I’m not doing it right. So please help!
  2. Anonymous Post

    Anon Front Handspring Vault for Level 6 Gymnasts.. mat height requirement?

    Our gym is doing front handspring vaults for all our level 6 gymnasts. They all had beautiful level 5 front handspring vaults that scored mid-9s all fall season, sticking landings, no arching, straight lines. But now for level 6 they are stacking mats to nearly the height of the table. So in...
  3. flippinam

    WAG Front Handspring Vault Critique

    I was wondering if anybody, preferably with coaching or judging experience, would be willing to give me feedback and an approximate score on my front handspring vaults. I will be competing USAG level 7 this year. I have a hard time looking at my own vaults with an unbiased eye, since I'm already...
  4. G

    Front Handspring Vault Help???

    I've always struggled with my front handspring vault. Honestly, I don't think it's improved much at all since I first started working on it! Anyways, my vault is terrible, I struggle to reach a complete handstand, and I never can seem to get enough flight to get to that position. If I do get to...
  5. coach1234

    WAG Front handspring vault drills

    So some of my girls have really strong vaults going over the vault table confidently, but others are still on handspring flatbacks on mat stack as they cannot get their feet moving fast enough and they either stick their bottoms up and go up in a big pike shape or don't even get up They need to...
  6. Goldmedalgirl

    WAG Front handspring vault help!!

    When I go for my front handspring on vault I either don't have enough heal drive and I'm really slow, i bend my arms or I bend my legs.
  7. Gymlover1

    Front handspring vault!

    Does anyone have any tips for getting a better reach on the vault while doing a fronthandspring? My hands usually at the front of the table not the back. Thanks!
  8. S

    Coaches Front Handspring Vault Training and Drills

    The last time I coached, we were still using the horse. I've got some kids training Level 4 now and I would like some help with introducing the handspring vault. They have the run and the hurdle (mostly) down well. I'm having trouble getting them to block off the table. They are jumping...
  9. Kcanflip

    WAG Double blocking on level 4 front handspring vault?

    Does anyone know the penalty/deduction for double blocking (hands touching vault table twice) on the level 4 front handspring vault? And also, thoughts on why this happens?
  10. Y

    WAG front handspring vault

    I was watching my daughter's vault drill, and the coach put up a big wedge in front of the vault which she was supposed to pass in her pre-flight. This caused her pre-flight to be too high and her shoulder angle was still closed when she was at vertical. Can someone explain what the purpose of...
  11. D

    Help with front handspring vault?

    How do I fix my vault? My coach says I need to reach out more so I put my hands more in the middle, not on the edge. My problem is I put my hands on the edge and I can't reach out more. Do I need more power in my run? Please help as this is my level 4 vault.
  12. Coach.Simon

    WAG [Question for other coaches] Front Handspring Vault Board Placement

    Hello other coaches (athletes are also welcome to add their input!) I am just curious. I have friends who coach at three other major gyms in my area, while I coach at the fourth. All of us are team coaches and we have a vault/front handspring level. We all disagree with the board placement on...
  13. gymnast-mac

    WAG front handspring vault trouble

    I have been doing the front handspring vault for a year now, and it still isn't that good. I don't stand up when I hit the board, I just reach straight for the vault. My coaches have told me to stand up on the board, drive my heels, reach farther out on the vault, and many other corrections. I...
  14. GYM0M

    Parents Front Handspring Vault L4

    I have been following the "FHS-vault not clicking" and commenting as my daughter has struggled with this vault all season. Instead of hijacking the OP thread, I wanted to make some additional comments about DD's last meet! Recap-DD is 7 years old, just wrapped up her Level 4 season, now...
  15. 3LittleGymmies

    WAG Front Handspring Vault Question

    Tips for hands getting "stuck" on the table instead of popping off? My daughter is really struggling with this.
  16. flippingtogether

    Parents Judging the front handspring vault

    Is there different criteria for judging and scoring the front handspring vault based in the level where it is competed? Meaning, if a gymnast competes her vault, will this exact same vault receive a different score based in whether she is a level 4, 5, 6, or 7 (I believe all have a 10.0 start...
  17. V

    WAG Front handspring vault

    DD and her team are beginning FHS vaults. DD says last night at practice, they were all doing front handsprings over a pit turned sideways with a panel mat on top. DD made it over but landed on her heels, then fell on her behind. She said this happened 95% of the time. The one time she didn't...
  18. G

    Front Handspring Vault Advice???

    So, I have my FHS just fine over the table.. (Scoring in the low 9's) But I want to get it A LOT better and im wondering if anyone knows some tricks?? This is what I need help with- 1. Understanding how to get your feet in front on the board 2. Going UP 3. Hitting handstand! :p 4. ALSO...
  19. G

    Coaches Front Handspring Vault

    Im running low on ideas and need some help! I coach a level 5 team. My new level 5s learned how to vault over the summer. Most picked up the concept quickly and can successfully make it over with no spot. But some are still very ugly. Ex: Slow run, stutering before the board, Bent knees, no...
  20. B

    Do you change vault settings when teaching front handspring vault?

    I have a question for coaches. When you are teaching gymnasts to do the front handspring vault (ones who haven't done it before), how do you set the vault table? Would you start them on a low table, have them perfect the vault on that and then move it up? Would you have them learn the vault...