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  1. JimNast

    MAG Kip on Parallel Bars judging question

    Does anyone know if a kip to straight body is an acceptable skill on p-bars? My athletes were starting their routine with this, then lifting their legs to a L sit. I was under the impression that it would count as 2 A skills. However, a judge recently told us that it would be a .3 deduction...
  2. A

    Anon Judges Thoughts on Kids Competing Levels They Aren’t Ready For

    We have a gym in our area that is garnering a reputation for allowing kids to compete levels/apparatuses/skills that they are not ready to compete. For example, during warm ups at state, and at a few other meets, I watched one of their level 8 gymnasts struggle to do a kip cast to handstand...
  3. pagymmom

    Parents Level 8 Regional Judging?

    Hello, My daughter just competed at L8 regionals and did well. My question is about the judging discrepancy. There are four judges at regionals (two on each side). She had drastically different scores - at what point do they need to do a judges conference. For example - on vault she had a 9.3...
  4. F

    Parents Has anybody else dealt with judges showing local teams more leniency?

    Our little gymnast was in a competition recently and after conclusion, the local gym basically took 1st-4th in every category even though the routines weren’t executed better than any other gyms. Has anyone else experienced similar? Props to their girls but to me it seems almost impossible for...
  5. C

    WAG Judge Scoring Help

    Are there any judges or ex-judges that provide consulting to review a routine and provide feedback as to where they see deductions so our DD knows where she can work to improve her routine(s)?
  6. JBS

    Parents Lower Level Compulsory Judging

    @Gym_mom 22 Thanks for starting this thread... great conversation going on here. Awesome that we have judges chiming in!
  7. Anonymous Post

    Anon How strict are judges with floor music length? (L10)

    I’m wondering how precise/strict the 1:30 time limit is for L10 floor music. Just got the cut back and the file length is 1:32, the music ends at 1:30, but there’s sort of a lingering tone that goes to 1:31. The routine itself would be finished by 1:30 but wondering if she could get dinged for...
  8. DTAG

    Off Topic Judges Course

    It has been suggested to me a couple of times that I take the judges course. Specifically for MAG. I've thought about it a few times and am starting to get the ball rolling with it. I can't help but to notice the form and shapes of the gymnasts as they are performing their skills and my eyes...
  9. G

    WAG Handstand Question for the Judges

    For the judges out there, my friend and I are coming up with unique mounts for next season and I came up with a pretty cool mount. I'll spare you all the details but basically, I stand up on one leg and go through an arabesque into a handstand. If I do a handstand out of that (not out of a...
  10. P

    Parents One judge panel?

    At DDs meet today, she had two-judge panels on everything but Beam. Over half the other teams in her session had two judge panels on beam too. Is it allowed to have a one-judge panel? And are scores accurate with one judge?
  11. E

    Coaches Coaches/Judges food at meets - Input Requested

    I'm taking over as meet food coordinator for coaches & judges. Just wondering as coaches what foods/meals do you like or not like when attending meets. Ours is a large 3 day meet so 24+ coaches and 8+ judges at any given time. We have a loose 'menu' but trying to shake it up a little.
  12. DTAG

    Parents Coaches curse/Judges curse?

    My ds has talked previously about what apparently is called the "coaches curse". Not sure if it is an actual thing or something he has made up. It's basically the ability to do a skill or a routine when the coach isn't paying attention, but as soon as they are watching, the athlete will tend to...
  13. ReluctantGymMom

    WAG Weird full turn question for judges?

    If there’s any judges here or anyone who knows the answer to this; Our beam coach has worked like dozens of ways to do a full turn with my daughter, she settled on coupe (sp) and it’s… a work in progress. She’s happy because she’s landing them all now. BUT we noticed that her foot that is up in...
  14. Juls

    WAG Becoming a judge?

    When I was a gymnast, one of my friend’s moms was a judge, and it’s something always wanted to do. I read through the requirements on the USAG site, but wanted to hear what it’s like from others who have done it. What is the process like for newcomers? Is this something I can realistically do...
  15. PeanutsMom

    Parents Can a judge/coach hep me understand?

    Hello! My DD is settling into her new gym. She is finally letting go of her flyaway again (long story). She hasn’t done her giant flyaway since February because her coach at the other gym said that it was getting too many deductions. Her coach at the new gym said it isn’t a huge deduction as it...
  16. gymgal

    WAG Judges : what value is a front toss layout on beam? Video enclosed

    Just a public video, not my dd. She is looking for the college value but JO would help as well - if its the same value as a regular front toss in JO, then likely same for college
  17. Empowered

    WAG USAG Judge Harassing Riley

    Has anyone seen these comments from Angela Andrews, who from what I understand is a judge, attacking Riley McCusker? Apparently Maggie Haney and several other judges have liked some of the nasty comments too. Not that the dumpster fire that is USAG ever fails to surprise me with this kind of...
  18. F

    WAG Inconsistent judging scores

    Good day everyone! So, most recently I have noticed a big difference in scores for level 10 meets. We will see a girl get say an 8.8 on vault at one meet and at another meet doing the exact same vault get a 9.4? Sorry, I have been in the gym scene since my daughter was a level 2 and that is just...
  19. C

    How are all of you judges feeling about meets?

    Have you been given any word on how you will be kept safe with all of the coaches and athletes, and even the other judges (!) around you? Particularly with interstate competitions? I'm wondering if you all have been told anything about how some of these big interstate meets will be run given...
  20. N

    Parents Question about judging favoritism?

    We were at a meet this weekend. During our daughter's floor event the music failed about 8 seconds before the end of her routine. It also did this to her teammate's music and then again to another athlete's music from an opposing team. We were originally of the impression that the athletes...