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  1. O

    Parents Gymnast Nutrition Courses - are they worth it?

    I have a Level 6 gymnast (age 10) and am interested in hearing from anyone that has taken either Christina Anderson's Balanced Gymnast Method Course OR The Fueled Gymnast Academy by Kerry Bair. Both of these courses seem to range in price from $500 - $700 for the group training and/or online...
  2. A

    Parents Talking Nutrition

    Our daughter is about to move to 9hrs a week training as she moves to L3 (in Australia). She's always been an extremely fussy eater, won't touch most fruit and veg but also didn't like cake, ice cream etc. Generally she'll eat plain rice and pasta, cheese etc. We've been to dieticians and...
  3. T

    Parents Nutrition for Gymnasts when training through evening meal times?

    Hi, So my child (8) often has a 5-10 minute turn around from getting home from school to leaving for gymnastics (say home from school at 3:25 and gym starts at 4, so barley time to get changed and shovel some food in on the way (which i imagine hasnt settle properly before warm ups) and then...
  4. J

    Parents "How to Discuss Nutrition and the Body with your Daughter"

    Saw this article from USA Volleyball but thought it had some relevant points for gymnastics. While the two sports are obviously different, I like the idea of talking about performance as it relates to nutrition. I'm pretty sensitive about not talking too much about this stuff b/c I don't want to...
  5. Pirouette

    Nutrition article suggestions?

    DD 16 is looking to improve her eating habits to enhance all the physical activity she is doing these days. She asked me to request suggestions for articles she can read to learn more about how different foods can help her (and all athletes) maximize their benefits. Kinds of foods, when to eat...
  6. G

    WAG Nutrition component of coaching

    Just wondering your experience with how much, what kind, how intense, how it is delivered... the education/coaching/training your gym includes about nutrition/diet? There seems to be a current focus on it at the gym (24 hour food recall at practice, fast food avoidance, counseling to reduce...
  7. tortuga

    Parents Nutrition guidance

    My gymmie is 10yo, 51", and 57# and solid muscle. Probably a lot like yours. Mine eats like a bird. Well, a happy morning bird who likes two bowls of cereal or whole grain pancakes or whole grain egg-infused french toast but then barely pecks at anything much of the rest of the day...
  8. sce

    The dumbest nutrition study

    Fast food vs. supplements: All this proves is that supplements are processed junk as is fast food. Sure each one gives, carbs, fat and protein but wouldn't real food be an even...
  9. coach1234

    Nutrition tips for competitions

    this is a interesting read from British gymnastics if anyone's interested:)!
  10. P

    WAG Nutrition Tips for Competition

    Some of you may find this interesting:
  11. Pea'sMom

    WAG Nutrition and gymnastics

    I was talking with a friend whose daughter does swimming. She was telling me that her coach is very serious about the girls getting optimal nutrition and outlines for the parents ideal foods for pre and post workout. Our gym has never discussed nutrition with us, so it got me wondering...what...
  12. Jumeriah

    Nutrition & Eating with Long hrs of training

    I am a new Gym mum, as in my child started gym at the beginning of term 2 this year. She currently does 9.5hrs a week training. We just received notification that she is progressing to a higher level and her new hours will be 18hrs. She finishes school at 315pm and has to be at gym from...
  13. H

    WAG Nutrition and Diet

    Hello everyone! Before I started gymnastics, I never really thought about what I was eating but now I want to have a lot of energy for practice. I do not know anything at all about nutrition so I would really like if someone could help me out on examples of meals (especially breakfast) and also...
  14. bogwoppit

    Nutrition & Diet For Gymnasts

    The following thread is a collection of articles about nutrition, some specifically for gymnasts or ateletes. If you have others to add please PM them to me and I will add them. Weighing in with Nutrition Nutirion for gymnasts Healthy Weight and the Olympic Gymnasts at Building Nutrition &...
  15. G

    Coaches Gymnast and Nutrition (Vitamins)

    Hi Im a level 8 gymnast. I would like to hear what coaches would say about encouraging there gymnast to take vitamins. And what kind of vitamins would you reccomend for a gymnast healing from injury (age 13)? Is there some sort of vitamin or mineral gymnast should be taking more of?? Open to...
  16. C

    Coaches Meet day nutrition

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me what would be the best meal for my daughter (breakfast) on a meet day. She would typically be rising at 6:30 am and beginning warmups at 8:00 to compete at 8:30. She is not generally a picky eater, so any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Thanks...
  17. JBS

    Great Article On Nutrition From Gatorade

    Here's a great article I found at Gatorade. The website is at the bottom of the article. Later, |||JBS||| NUTRITION FOR CHILD AND ADOLESCENT ATHLETES SSE #77 VOLUME 13 (2000), NUMBER 2 Oded Bar-Or, M.D. Children's Exercise & Nutrition Centre McMaster University Hamilton, Ontario...