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  1. D

    WAG So your hands have to shift for a pirouette?

    We would love to know if a pirouette would count without shifting your hands. I know this sounds bizarre, but my kid started doing this by accident last night and it worked well. But she doesn’t know if she would get credit and one coach says yes while the other says no. She has always had a...
  2. D

    WAG Conditioning to help keep feet from hitting floor after pirouette

    Looking for some help on what kind of conditioning/strength training my kid can do that will help her with her pirouette. She consistently hits her feet on the floor after her pirouette. I would like to leave the actual “gymnastics“ of the pirouette to her coach. She has struggled with a couple...
  3. gymbeam

    Parents What makes a good 1/2 pirouette?

    I have a new level 8 and I'm curious to know what makes a good pirouette. Anyone willing to break it down for me? Thanks!
  4. Y

    WAG level 8 bars pirouette question

    Hello! My DD's coach thinks her free hip to handstand is better than her cast to handstand for pirouetting. I think it sounds like a harder, riskier routine. Does this make sense to anyone? Have you guys seen it done often in level 8? She is still getting a hang of level 8 routines, so she...
  5. littlegirlsdream

    WAG Question/frustration with 1/2 pirouette on bar

    dd is struggling to control coming out of the 1/2 turn on bars. She hits handstand, turns it and then can't control it down into a swing that leads to a kip, she looks like she more just falls out of it and hits her feet on the mat. There hasn't been any drills or spoting to correct it but just...
  6. F

    WAG 1/2 handstand pirouette on bars - which value and how hard is it really?

    Why does a 1/2 handstand pirouette come so late in gymnastics? (I guess L8 in USAG?) Is it harder than a free hip to handstand/toe circle to handstand/stalder to handstand? And why? What is the hard part about it?
  7. All Chalked Up

    WAG Giant & giant 1/2 pirouette

    Do they have the same skill value in the JO code?
  8. V

    WAG Blind Change v. Pirouette

    DD came home last night and said they were working on blind changes on bars. I said "That's great!", then later went to Youtube to try to figure what she was talking about. I feel dumb, but it looks like a pirouette to me. Is it turning a different direction than a pirouette or just using a...
  9. G

    Parents Struggle with pirouette on bars

    My 11 year old is a new level 9 , coming back from an injury . Bars is always her weakest event and her coach is getting frustrated with her . She is very inconsistent with the pirouette on the high bar. She struggled with that skill in level 8 as well . Any tips on making it better would be...
  10. E

    WAG Pirouette in level 7?

    Can anyone advise if you can do a pirouette in level 7 bars? My daughter has beautiful bars but is very scared of a giant. She has a pirouette and a pack by herself but wont do a giant. So due to this she will be limited in her level. Hoping she can use her pirouette in her bar routine since...
  11. JBS

    Coaches Left Overshoot and Pirouette...Right twister

    I have a kid who pirouettes...blinds and overshoots left. She twists right. She is a left RO...left foot in front on hurdle. Help me out here...does it matter?
  12. B

    handstand pirouette 2/1

    So I really want to add a double handstand pirouette to my floor routine, like where i spin around two full times. It's for high school gym by the way, but i'm wondering if it is a high superior or a bonus high superior? Also If i didn't have a high superior in my floor routine and it was a...
  13. M

    Piking after pirouette on bars-Level 8

    Is there a deduction for a distinct pike after pirouette on bars? My daughter's coach suggested she pike to get around after her pirouette. Note: it is not a mild, slight pike. It is tight, with straight legs and all but more than a 90 degree pike. I've seen girls pike a little bit, but hers...
  14. Geoffrey Taucer

    Coaches Handstand 1/1 pirouette (for boys level 6 floor)

    Anybody have any tips for teaching controlled handstand pirouettes on floor? A bit of background: the guy I'm having trouble with is relatively new to gymnastics (and a late starter at 13 years old), but an extraordinarily talented tumbler. He'll be competing level 6 as a floor specialist...
  15. R

    Handstand Half Pirouette on Bars.... what is it rated?

    Is handstand half turn a B or a C?
  16. 3

    Pirouette On Bars

    I am a level 8 gymnast. I am having trouble doing pirouette on the bars. I'm not scared of it, I'm just having trouble doing it. I have a good cast to handstand, but I wait too long to turn, and then I can't seem to get over in the pirouette. When I do get over, I can't control it that well...
  17. Geoffrey Taucer

    Early pirouette on bars, effect on skill value

    A free-hip to handstand with 1/2 turn and a swing 1/2 turn to handstand (ie blind change that swings back down the other way) are listed as Cs in the JO CoP. Point 7 on page 59 says "In order to receive the value as listed in the JO CoP.... the circle element bust reach within 20 degrees of...
  18. henrik541

    Valdez pirouette and back handsprings

    Hi, I'm about to start back handsprings and I would like to know how long did you take to learn them and what difficulties do you have/had while learning? Also, I'd like you to help me with a new skill: I have no idea how to do a valdez pirouette and I really need it. Plz help...:)
  19. Flippers Mom

    Parents Is there a pirouette fairy?

    I believe in the Kip fairy, but are there any pirouette fairies available? Flipper switched gyms in May after competing alone for several years. She was so excited to have teammates at her level. Well, one girl is sick, another broke her foot and another is out of town with family - leaving...
  20. G

    Pirouette Bar

    For Christmas, my parents are getting me a pirouette bar to practice handstands and pirouettes at home. Do you know where I can get one that is good/sturdy, and isn't really expensive? I saw a Nastia one, but it was 141 dollars! Thanks in advance!

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