Coaches Handstand 1/1 pirouette (for boys level 6 floor)

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Geoffrey Taucer

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Anybody have any tips for teaching controlled handstand pirouettes on floor?

A bit of background: the guy I'm having trouble with is relatively new to gymnastics (and a late starter at 13 years old), but an extraordinarily talented tumbler. He'll be competing level 6 as a floor specialist this year, and he has all the tumbling but cannot make the handstand 1/1 pirouette.

I've never really had to "work" with kids on this skill before -- I incorporate a lot of handstands and pirouettes into their warm-ups, so by the time they get to level 6 they can do a clean handstand 1/1 pirouette easily simply because they've been doing pirouettes for so long. Since this guy has been in the sport for such a short time, he hasn't had as much time to master the skill, but it's one I've never actually had to spend time on beyond what we do during warm-ups.

Handstand, step both hands up to a panel mat, and then step them back down without falling. Then continue until he can do it himself and land in the handstand without falling.

Then, handstand in front of the panel mat, and 1/4 turn to put one arm up. It'll probably be easy for him, but try to get him to hold the handstand after the 1/4 turn balancing with one arm up and down. Maybe play around then trying to do another 1/4 turn off.

Lots of handstand shoulder touches, trying to do like 10-20 without coming down (alternating arms of course). Then against the wall or with a light spot, also full arm lifts to tap each thigh.

And doing the full pirouette against the wall of course, but I'm assuming he can do that already (just keep doing the repetitions). But since it's probably the mastery of the handstand balancing, I would just do the above and any and all handstand orientation drills - maybe play around with some handstands on different surfaces too and trying to balance. 8 incher, resi, tumble track, etc.
have him working on it in a corner. It will help with teaching the half easily. He can start first with that nasty slight arch (VERY slight arch just so his feet are able to touch wall for balance), then quickly encourage he undestand the weight shift and hollow out the proper HS shape.

The piroutte is just a feeling thing you know, once you get the feeling for the weight shift you good to go. I am sure in about 50 goes against the wall he will get it down. Just send him to that every session to do 50 full pirouttes in the corner and BAM, he will have it down. Also works for parallents and blind changes (when no spotter allowed and you need stations)

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