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  1. JBS

    WAG Woodward Cancels Gymnastics

    Here it is… Woodward Cancels Gymnastics Announcement
  2. pagymmom

    Parents Woodward/Sexual Assault Allegations

    I live about 30 minutes from Woodward so saw this in our local paper. I copied and pasted the article because they often use Paywalls. Another female filed a lawsuit Friday against Woodward Camp, making her the second in the past year to accuse the elite gymnastics facility of improperly...
  3. T

    Parents Flipfest or Woodward

    As a Christmas present, I want to gift my DD a week of camp at either Flipfest or Woodward. This would be her first gymnastics camp and I’m looking for opinions on both. She is working towards moving into upper level optionals next season, and so I’m curious if one of them is more focused on...
  4. G

    WAG International Gymnastics Camp or Woodward ?

    My daughter will either be going to International gymnastics camp or Woodward pa in 2022. She is 11 years old and will be travelling on a plane by herself from Australiato get there. Any information would be helpful like - Which camp is preferred - how to travel by your self - And how kids are...
  5. G


    Does anyone have any ideas as to how Woodward (in PA) is handling COVID? We tried looking on the website, but all we saw was some information on COVID in summer of 2020. DD also tried looking on tik tok (not the best source of information, I know!) and we saw a lot of videos of girls and even...
  6. W

    WAG Woodward West Gymnastics Camp

    #1 My dd 14yo is attending Woodward West Gymnastics Camp this Summer and is really excited!! I’d love to hear about any suggestions or input on the camp that members of this group have. Thanks so much!!.
  7. W

    Parents Woodward West Gymnastics Camp

    My dd 14yo is attending Woodward West Gymnastics Camp this Summer and is really excited!! I’d love to hear about any suggestions or input on the camp that members of this group have. Thanks so much!!.
  8. Hilly70

    Parents Woodward east

    Greetings. Our coaches are at Woodward for a week in August. They have asked if we were interested in sending our gymnast. Being 5, I think she is to young. Thoughts?
  9. S

    Parents Woodward questions re. schedule and training groups

    DD is going to Woodward West for the first time this summer. I'm trying to figure our the daily schedule but am confused by their materials. Can anyone tell me if there are one or two instruction sessions? If two, are they both mandatory? And how many "open gym" sessions? Are coaches present...
  10. Aero

    WAG Woodward PA.

    Hello everybody! My gym is sending me to Woodward again this year. I'm completely PSYCHED. I had a BLAST last year, I met a ton of amazing people, and learned so much! It was a gymnastics vacation! I am going as a visiting coach during Week 11, and I'm wondering if any other coaches or athletes...
  11. Gymnastbecki

    WAG Woodward Pa vs West

    So this year i will very likly be attending a woodward camp. However i'm not sure which one i should go to. I prefer the look of Woodward pa due to it having more recreational activities however because i live in the UK its more tricky to get to, where as woodward west i can take a direct flight...
  12. S

    Parents question about Woodward West

    Can anyone tell me if the non-gym time (after lunch) includes any organized activities or not? DD likes to keep busy and has been to another gymnastics camp that she felt had too much free time. What do the kids do after lunch at Woodward? TIA!
  13. E

    WAG Woodward camp question -- Sleep???

    I saw a day schedule and now I'm concerned about the amount of sleep time offered. One of my children needs 10 hours for a full night's sleep. The camp where I worked as a counselor has lights-out at nine, up at seven, and a generous rest period after lunch. Woodward seems to be much less!
  14. Geoffrey Taucer

    Coaches Woodward, etc

    What are everybody's summer plans? Anybody going to Woodward/IGC/Flip Fest/etc? I'll be coaching weeks 1-8 (except week 5) at Woodward in PA, and if any other chalk bucketeers will be there and want to introduce yourselves, feel free! Just look for a coach with poofy blond hair who spends most...
  15. Gymnastbecki

    WAG Woodward camps

    So this year, my dad has finally let me go to Woodward camp! I live in the U.K, and this summer I will be 18, so my dad will let me travel there by myself. As I live so far away, it doesn't really make a difference to me weather I travel to Woodward PA, or Woodward West CA, as the flights are...
  16. Sarah_the_gymnast

    WAG IGC or Woodward's?

    I'm really interested in going to a gymnastics camp. However, they're super expensive ($1000+) and if I go I want to get as much gymnastics as possible. I'm level 7/platinum*. Which camp would you suggest? *I know platinum can vary widely, but I compete at level 7
  17. sgymnast12

    WAG Woodward Theme Days

    Hi Everyone, Is anyone going to Woodward Pennsylvania this summer? I've heard there are theme days, but can't seem to find them anywhere. If anyone could let me know what they are it would really help me out! :p Thanks!
  18. S

    WAG Camp Woodward West?

    Does anyone have any experience with this camp? I would love to hear some feedback. We live in the S. California area and are considering it for our DD (8).
  19. E

    Off Topic Woodward West Job

    Hi all! I was wondering if any of you had worked at Woodward West, in any position. I am thinking about coaching for a couple of sessions. P.S. I tried to find a post about this but couldn't find anything. If there already is a post about this I apologize, please link me!
  20. A

    Parents woodward west reviews and opinions

    Hi fellow gym parents. I am just starting to think about sending my daughter to a week of overnight gymnastics camp this coming summer. She will be level 5. It seems that only Woodward West is close enough to us (and it is not really close). I feel like I am reading rave reviews about IGC...