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  1. D

    WAG Recommendations for "fun" core workouts?

    One of DD's coaches recommended that she work on core conditioning to help with bars skills, especially for improving her tap swings. DD is training Xcel Gold, age 11. She's not a fan of core work, though (me neither, LOL). Any recommendations for engaging core workouts for gymnasts? TLDR...
  2. D

    Parents Home core/upper body workouts for tweens

    Hey everyone, I know I've seen older posts (especially during COVID shutdowns) where people shared online workouts their gymnasts did at home. I need recommendations for core and upper body workouts for my DD (age 11, training Xcel Gold), who likes practice but generally hates working out at...
  3. MaaikeGymnastics

    WAG Gymnastics workouts (on music)

    Do you guys do workouts on music in the training? In my opinion workouts are so much more fun with music! I really like the 'who run the world' and 'uptown funk' workouts and I use the tabata song for different strength exercises. But does anyone have other nice workouts which I can do with my...
  4. G

    WAG How long is too long between workouts?

    I know a lot of people find places for their gymnasts to work out while they travel. How long would you have to be gone before you worried about making workout arrangements at another gym while you are away? If your kid were in the middle of competition season or training for TOPs or something...
  5. Lizzy Brennan

    Ab Workouts?

    Does anyone know of any quick and effective at-home ab workouts? I'm pretty lazy and need to start working out at home a little. Thanks!
  6. H

    Coaches Meet week workouts

    I'm trying to revamp the workouts that we do the week of a meet. My level 3s come MWF 3 hrs each day an my level 4s come MTTF 3 hours each day. Last year we just did a lot of routines, but I'm looking to make it more of a prep for the meet. The Friday before (night before) we always have a mock...
  7. S

    Coaches Need help designing workouts for injured gymnast

    This is for an aspiring L8 who broke her foot while on limited workouts due to a previous back strain in her mid-back. Her back is still a bit of an issue and she is now in a boot for 4 weeks. She is not allowed any weight bearing skills/conditioning for another week and then will be allowed to...
  8. S

    Coaches Managing partial workouts for kids with injuries

    I'd like to have a pre-planned workout designed in advance for kids who are hurt. I'm talking about Sever's flair ups or a mild rolled ankle that needs to be be rested for a few days. For those who have already done this, please give some advice!
  9. pinklemonadeliz

    WAG Ankle Weights for all workouts

    My 11y/o dd's coach has recently started making the girls wear 5lb ankle weights during all of their workouts (3 practices per week, 3hrs each) - her back is starting to bother her & I'm wondering if it's because of the weights. I've heard it's not good to wear them that much but wanted...
  10. skschlag

    MAG outside workouts

    So, my son is a 9 yo, just finished level 5, training 6/7 right now. HE works out 5 days a week for 2 1/2 hours a day, unless I can get him to take a day off. Then he comes home, and conditions. Pushups, pullups, circles, splits, handstands, planches, etc. I am wondering when it is too much...
  11. O

    How to arrange/schedule workouts to effectively achieve six desired goals?

    My name is Justin and hope things are going well for all of you. I am not a former gymnast or anyting but I do enjoy gymnastic conditioning and have been doing it for about a year. There are six goals that I want to achieve, some being short and some being long term. They are: ring HS...
  12. J

    workouts twice a day

    How common is it for L9s and L10s to train twice a day? Does anyone (coaches, parents, gymnasts) have 1st hand experience with a program that does this? Does this tend to be beneficial in the long run for these girls?
  13. T

    Supplemental Clothing for Workouts

    Our gym has gotten cold! All of the big kids are wearing leggings and underarmor type shirts over their leos. My DDs have still been wearing their sleeveless leos but are cold. I've been having trouble finding "stretchy" capri length leggings and tops like the older girls are wearing...
  14. M

    Flushed during workouts

    DD has been getting extremely flushed in her face during workouts lately. She has always had a little trouble with this but its seems to be worse lately. Her cheeks get extremely red and sometimes her she also gets splotchy on her forehead and neck and chest. A couple of times she has goten...
  15. I

    I need stretching and conditioning workouts needed!

    I know the title doesn't make sense. I do highschool gymnastics. (yuck) so that means I only train in the winter. Does anyone know anything that can help keep me flexible and strong? Its hard to know what to do and hard to stay motivated. please help
  16. M

    Ah! back to club workouts, 6 year break!

    So, I use to be in club from like age 7-11 (5th grade) now im 17 and a Junior and I left club when I was 11 because of a injury so since 6th grade ive done middle/high school gymnastics. My high school season ended in Febuary, since like April Ive just been going to a tumbling class for like one...
  17. N

    Coaches Injury and Workouts

    I have a gymnast (prep op novice team) who broke her wrist a few weeks ago. She loves the gym and cannot be kept away. I welcomed her to contine working out obviously staying away from anything related to her arm. It fairly easy to keep her busy on beam and floor with dance skills and dance...
  18. A

    Coaches Workouts and Routines?

    I'm getting back to the gym for open gym. But I realized, it's been so long, almost 6 years, what do I need to do to start getting back in shape? Do I work on routines? If so, which ones? Any good workouts? Skills to focus on? Thank you :)
  19. Nightflare514

    Morning Workouts?

    What's y'alls opinions on morning Gymnastics practices? I hate them. I'm always so tired when I wake up and don't want to be there. Everyone doesn't work to their full potential most of the time, and we're constantly yawning, getting water, going to the bathroom, etc. I would love to hear...
  20. P

    Fun Workouts

    I’m sure every gym goes through this, My compulsory girls are burnt out. Practice just isnt fun any more and they have alot of trouble focusing. Their routines are suffering because of it. Now i Know that compulsory is no where near as much as fun as optional, but if I cant get them to get...

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