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Hey everyone,

I know I've seen older posts (especially during COVID shutdowns) where people shared online workouts their gymnasts did at home. I need recommendations for core and upper body workouts for my DD (age 11, training Xcel Gold), who likes practice but generally hates working out at home ;). She could benefit from building strength in those areas. (BTW, I'll ask her coaches, too.)

Like many tweens, she's picky, LOL. Seems to hate things that seem like "exercise" outside of gym. Likes dance-y things. I've tried some things on YouTube in the past but none really piqued her interest. We have a pull up bar and floor mat, in addition to home gym equipment, if that helps. Getting her to use them, without a lecture, is where I need help! Any suggestions welcome.
My 12 year old moved from gym to diving last year and the conditioning is just not the same, but the demands of the sport where she trains are still pretty high, so I wanted her to keep up with her gym conditioning (she was a level 8 at the time that she quit). Same as your DD, she had zero interest in working out at home.

I don't know if this is an option by you, but we ended up finding a boot camp type of gym (it's a gym that sort of seems to split the difference between Burn Boot Camp and Crossfit) that offered three sessions a week of a "junior boot camp" class for 45 minutes that my kid LOVES, especially because coming from gymnastics, she can crush the boys in the class.

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