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I just wanted to put on here that I've had the same ankle injury for 8 months so far... grrrrrrrr!!! It's getting extremely frustrating...:( I've been in physical therapy since march, got referred back to the doctor in june, and now I'm back in physical therapy. The thing that I'm really frustrated with is that both my doctor and physical therapist don't really know what's wrong with it. I've been doing limited activity since I first started and I'm getting tired of sitting around. (I can do stuff into the pit, just not like vaulting) I go back to the doctor next week and might have to go see a specialist in Madison. Just hope that I won't have to get surgery on it or anything like that...
Is anyone else dealing with something like this right now or have any of you dealed with something similar?? Just something interesting I'd like to know.
sorry to hear about your ankle! i sprained my ankle 2 years ago and it still hurts and i've gone to physical therapy twice. i can do stuff on it, but only with a brace or tape, and it aches almost all the time. the doctor said there wasn't anything wrong (had an mri and x-ray) the only other option would be to do an ankle scope and see if there is scar tissue, but that procedure could also produce scar tissue, so i just did nothing and deal with it...

also i hyper-extended my back in january when i did a vault wrong and hit the vault table, and it is still not better. i've been to physical therapy and have had all the tests done, but they said there is nothing structurally wrong. the tendon that i damaged still hurts a lot and i have been in pain since january. the doctor and therapist say that my lack of ab strength is what is keeping it from healing, but i've been doing a different kind of therapy for 2 months now with no improvement at all.

unfortunately with a back injury i can basically do nothing as far as gymnastics goes... cartwheels and handstands is about it, because rounding and arching both hurt a lot. currently my doctor and therapist have banned me from going to the gym at all (i had previously tried to do just some stuff to try to get back into it).

so i feel your pain! i'm trying acupuncture on sunday which i'm really scared about but maybe it will give me some relief. i hope you find some answers soon... at least you can do some stuff in the gym!
Wow thats a long time! And I hope you dont have to get surgery that would be horriableee! But yeahh i've had really bad wrist pain for the past year, so half the time I cant even go on bars it hurts so bad! And somedays if I put any pressure on them at all they will cramp up and I will be in pain for atleast a couple hours its horriable. Longg injurys in gymnastics suck you just want them to go away so you can get back to normal training. I know how you feel! I hope they figure out whats goin on!
I hope they figure out what's wrong with it. Have they done an MRI?

Also, I can relate. I hurt my Achilles Tendon 19 months ago and it still isn't better. Initially, they thought it was tendonitis, but they've now decided it's tendonosis, and perhaps some old micro-tears in the tendon. Anyways, the outside of the tendon is inflamed, and the inside is weak. I've been in a Boot twice for 4 weeks each time, I've gone to Physical Therapy, and I've seen 2 doctors and 2 specialists. It still isn't better, and it still makes noise everytime I walk.

I'm doing something called prolotherapy right now, where they inject sugar into my tendon to make it more inflammed, it hopes that my body will then recognize the injury and heal it. However, it usually takes anywhere from 2-10 injections, and I think I just had my 8th or 9th. It's gotten slightly better, but still not back to where I'd like it to be.

My next options are where they inject my own blood or seperate the growth platlets out of my blood and inject that into my tendon. Gross, right?

Other than that, it's surgery, which may or may not make it better, and will mean 2 months in a cast and lots of rehab.

I'm to the point now where I sometimes work out, usually bars or beam, but can't really tumble or vault. As I coach, I'm on my feet a lot, and a lot of time my ankle hurts from just standing around. I can't really run on it, even though I'd like to, but I swim and bike to stay in shape. Swimming hurts it some, but it is supposed to be good, because it keeps my ankles loose and moving.

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