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Hi everyone,
I'm looking for ideas for a song to use for a gymnaestrada group performance. I'm looking for a song that has fast and slow parts and is completely 'clean' - both in words and meaning! We used "holding out for a hero' from shrek 2 a couple years ago and it was absolutely perfect! I'd love any ideas you may have.

What about Dancing Queen?

We used the Annie soundtrack a couple of years ago as well- the coaches all sang "Little Girls" for a joke :D
My DD2 is using a song called "I Want Everything" for a dance solo. It is from the movie Sleepover. It is great! Let me see if I can get you a link.

Check out any of the Disney Movies - Camp Rock, HS Musical, Cheetah girls.

Let us know what you pick!
I'm going to give a variety and kind of talk to myself. I'm not sure what 'clean' in meaning is to you.

What about "Everytime We Touch" by Cascada? I choreographed an adorable pom routine to it for the spirit camp I taught. It easily adds tumbling, too.

I don't know the ages, but if they're the appropriate age, you could use 7 things or Life's What You Make It by Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montanna.

Dirty Little Secret by All-American Rejects can be cute.

Aly and AJ redid some songs including Walkin on Sunshine and Do You Believe in Magic that are really good. I love them!

If they're older, First Tme by LifeHouse would be nice or Honestly by Cartel. I say this simply because not a lot of younger kids know these groups.

Hanging on by Cheyenne Kimball is a good one.

I don't know what direction you're going in, but Sadie Hawkins Dance by Relient K has the potential to be absolutely adorable and hilarious!!! YouTube - Sadie Hawkins Dance

Since You've Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson could work.

I'm not sure about this one because I've never seen it used, but I can see a routine forming in my head, so I'll throw it out there. Time after Time by Quiet Drive. It's pretty much the same words as the Cindy Lauper version, but with more guitars and an amped-up beat.

Up Up Up by Rose Falcon is a seldom-heard song. I believe it was in either Inspector Gadget or its sequel. The slow parts aren't super slow, but there is a definite variance in speed.

If you don't know some of these songs, you could go to Rhapsody.com. It Lets you listen to entire songs for free up to 25 times each.
some songs that we have used for our end of year display performances have been:
the lion king (can't wait to be king)
summer rain
pump it - Blackeyed Peas
Moscow (genghis khan)
all that Jazz (from chicago)
Rhythm of the night (from Moulin Rouge)
Cup of Life (Ricky Martin)
Candy Man (Christina Agueliera)
Sway (from Shall we dance)

others that other groups have used or that we used for finales have been:
under the sea (little mermaid)
young hearts run free (Romeo and Juliet)
walking on sunshine
Trashin' the camp & Two worlds (Tarzan)
Land of 1000 dances

Anything by the GoGos, Abba, 7 by Prince is a really fun song to choreograph to, and you can cut it up so it doesn't have so many verses (and who the heck can tell what it's about? It's not dirty as far as I can tell) also by the Presidents of the USA: Dune Buggy, Boll Weevil, Feather Pluckin', Back Porch ... all clean as far as I remember and funny to listen to, but not distractingly so.
The Adams Family can be pretty fun (I can already think of the choreo in my head) some stuff by the Beach Boys, uh ... my head is kinda empty right now, maybe I'll come back with more later :)

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