back tucks

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Don't neglect your round-offs.

Don't think a whipback is good enough.

Learn how to snap really aggressively out of your round off or back handspring on the last part of the skill ( the snap down ).

Learn a back pullover on tramp first. Learn how to tuck with good compression and open up instead of the high back handspring/whipback and tuck progression.

Condition appropriately to give yourself more than enough power so you're ready for the next skill and not to weak for it.
Don't know if this helps any but we always got told using your arms, shoulders and upper chest is what can make a tumble brilliant. We do lots of climbing ropes, push ups etc and it seems to help me.

Sorry if I didn't explain this very well, I'm rotten at explaining things.

know how to set is essential when you move on to layouts and twisting. also make sure you learn the basics properlly otherwise it will carry on with you to the next skills. i found this out the hard way and had to go back and re-learn the basics

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