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I have a question regarding the series in a Level 8 beam routine. My daughter, who is having trouble with making the connection in her series (which was BHS/BHS) is now being asked to do BT/BHS. Is this an unusual order? Wouldn't even a back handspring/back tuck make more sense? If she was having trouble connecting even a bhs/bhs....i'm wondering why they think she would be better w/the bt/bhs? Note that she does a good solid BHS, and rarely if ever in competition falls off on that. But, she never timed the connection right (too slow) and loses those points. The back tuck is new for her, and she sometimes makes and sometimes doesn't, but to ask her to do THAT combination (BT/BHS) seems odd to me. Can any enlighten me on this? Maybe there is something to it that I'm not seeing. I am just curious.
We have a level 9 who does BT, BHS...It is a crapshoot if she gets credit for the connection. Hard to do.
Connections can be a very individual thing. Most gymnasts would perform BHS/BT but there is no reason why it can't be the other way around if the gymnasts can do it well. The coach may feel the problem is connecting things out of the BHS which is why they are experimenting with the connection from the BT. There are many other combo's she could try.

Round off- BHS
Round off - BT
Round off - round off
My DD does a BHS BWO. Granted she is a L7 but several of the L8 Girls are doing the same flight series.

it is less scary to do a BWO after a BHS than another BHS.

Good luck!
The problem is how do I, as the parent, say something to the coach? They hate when the parent steps in. I don't want to upset my daughter by keep questioning her as to WHY she is doing this series (BT/BHS). My feeling is that staying on the beam is hard enough, WHY make is harder by doing a series that obviously is not easy. Reading the above postings, I can see that even some Level 9's wouldn't (or don't) do this series. My DD just tells me to be quiet. that I'm not her coach, and that I should be happy and just praise her for trying. My DD is a good beam skill worker. She went from scoring in the 9's, to scoring a 7.2 in her last meet...attempting this new series. She lost the points for the connection (obviously), and then when she started to fall off on the back tuck landing her coach literally pushed her back on to the beam, and then she fell anyway! So, I'm sure she lost points for the "touch" (push) and then the fall, and the lack of the series. Its very frustrating for me to watch, since she is a solid beam worker. I cannot tell you the last time she fell off the beam in a why push her to do this? I'm not looking forward to her next meet......which is tomorrow. I guess I will bite my tongue and say nothing and see what happens.
I suggest talking to your daughter about it--not necessairly asking her why she is doing the series, but ask her how she feels about it. You could also ask her which series she would rather do, and what her opinion is. There are often times in gymnastics (any sport really) that kids don't like confronting their coaches because it's the coach's job to coach and the kid's job to do the sport. However, it is vital that the kids talk to their coach about their feelings and frustrations with skills--perhaps she's not connecting it well because of a fear issue. Also, perhaps she herself is wondering why the coach is having her do this new series instead of say, a BWO-BHS.

As you know, yelling never gets us anywhere; especially between parent and child (I learned this one first hand with my mom). That's why I suggest calmly talking to her about it and asking her how she feels. Make the conversation all about her and her gymnastics. This way she has control over it. Hopefully this will help you out! Let us know how the meet went!
I wouldn't intervene unless your dd wants you to. They changed her series originally because she wasn't getting credit for it; right? I doubt the coaches will make her keep the new series if she can't make it work. I imagine there's some reason they think it may work for her. If she was having trouble connecting out of the BHS step out, maybe the coach is thinking connecting from a two foot landing will work better. On the other hand, if your dd really wants to ditch the series, but is afraid to talk with the coach about it, I would step in.
I don't live in the U.S. so I'm not sure if this fits the requirements, and I've also never competed at anything close to this level so this may not even be any easier or more doable, but I'm going to throw out a sugestion anyway. How about cartwheel-BHS?
thanks to all who are responding. I did actually talk to my DD today. She doesn't like to talk gymnastics w/me, since her coaches tell them not to talk about it w/the parents. I asked her calmly if she was going to compete the BT/BHS at the meet. She did not respond. I told her that if it didn't feel right during the warmup that perhaps she should go to the BHS/BHS, which she can do (although sometimes not make the connection...but not fall). She didn't really respond. I did ask her if she felt she COULD talk to the coaches about it, and she said yes. So, that is good at least.

I will say also that someone (i think one of the coaches) did mention to her that sometimes landing 2 footed (like landing from the tuck) would maybe help w/her connection. And, yes, there is a little fear involved in doing the connection with her.

It is a shame, since she has good form, and very good balance on the beam, and certainly can land her BHS's every time...its just the connection...and now this whole BT series is really screwing her up.

I will certainly give you all any update on how she faired at the meet. If she attempted it or not.

Thanks againf or all your input!
FYI, my daughters meet went well, although it was USAIGC this time, not USAG and the scoring seems higher. She competes as Gold Level (she is level 8 in USAG). She did NOT do the series BT/BHS, but rather BHS/BHS. She still is slow in connecting them, but stayed on beam the whole time and got a much better...and hopefully will continue. Thanks for responses to me posts.

If an athete is spotted by a coach and then falls...she only gets -.5 for the spot AND fall...not both.

...and a back tuck/back handspring is a viable tumbling pass, though not as "progressive" for future, higher level series. If the connection is just as "iffy" between back handspring/backhandspring, maybe the coach feels that the athlete is going to put more effort into the back tuck before the backhandspring. It sounds like the actions of a desprate coach trying to help the gymnast.
Well she went back to the BHS/BHS, and did better. She is going to try to work more on the connection, which really is where her problem is. Not with landing the skills...which she can do. I'm sure the coaches are a bit frustrating, and perhaps had their reasons. My daughters goal is to get the connection and make is a BHS/BT series. So, I am keeping my fingers crossed that the connection will continue to get better until she has it.
Hi gymgymgymnast08. Can you tell me if you do your series connection quickly? And, if so, how did you mentally do it? I think my daughter has the fear of just going for it and missing. She knows if she does them with a pause she will land them, but she is losing the points on the connection. Any ideas?
I just thought of something to help your daughter try to make the connection faster. We used to do tons of handstand backhandsprings to work on our connection. We did these because essentially, the handstand step down is the last half of the bhs, which is where people have trouble connecting it to another skill. Perhaps your daught could work on doing that series as a warm up/practice for the connection. Who knows, it could all come down to the handstand step down part of the skill.
Thanks for continuing to think of her and ways to help. I actually just called her to read your response and she tried just a few on the floor. She told me this was actually the way she used to warm up before doing a bhs on the it was a good reminder to her, and who knows, maybe it will help make the connection faster.

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