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I'm a level 7 and on beam, I'm currently doing front walkover-fronthandspring to fulfill both my series and flight requirements. I am technically sound and fully capable of doing them, but I'm so afraid. It looks really good when I actually do it, but I haven't done it on a standard beam yet-just tall and fat or short and skinny. Has anyone done either of these skills on beam before and have some tips on how to get over it?
Take a deep breath and relax. If you couldn't do the skills your coach wouldnt be asking you to do them. That's what I always got told.
thanks. Sometimes the best advice is so obvious that only someone who doesn't know you can see it.

So much of gymnastics is confidence! If you do not actually have the confidence yet with the skill, pretend you do and see yourself doing the skill successfully every time - never think about anything but successfully executing ithe skill - no negative thoughts! Good luck. :)
Repitition is one of the keys to confidence with the skill. When you can just practise the skill on one of the lines on the floor as often as possible. Get on the low beam and do hundreds, until you have incredible confidence there. Once you move to the high beam, you can stack mats up as high as the beam at first and slowly lessen the amount as you get more confident.

It may be a good idea to have back up skills just in case. If you feel to much pressure to get the skills it will make you more nervous and affect your performance. But if you know you always have a back up for competition you will be able to approach the skills with a more relaxed attitude.

Visialisation is great too, picture yourself doing the skills exactly the way you want them a few times and then go for it.
Just go for it! I'm sure your coach wouldn't make you go for it if you weren't physically able to do it! Good luck! <3


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