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Finally a meet where Cate felt she did her best on all events. Parents who have been through a couple seasons of competition can share my joy in a no "what if" meet. This Meet was on a Saturday afternoon, and it seems like this is her best time to compete. The whole team did well, there were a couple unexpected falls, but all in all a good meet, and now the whole level 6 team has qualified for States.

Cates scores:

Bars- 7.450
Beam 9.50 (tied for 1st, 2nd because of All-Around)
Floor 9.225 3rd
Vault 9.050 3rd

All-Around 35.225 5th (even with that bars score!)

Cate was very pleased with all events and even found joy in bars (Mom I kept my legs and tummy so tight it hurt!) Two more meets until States in mid-March. I got the video up on youtube.

Hope everyones meets this weekend went as well!:D
Way to go:) She was perfect. I think her bar score should be higher than it is though:( Is it the free hip that is bringing that score down or maybe some of her casts???
I thought she looked good on bars.
I'm sure it's a combination of both. As a level 5 and last year as a 6 she was challenged by the squat on. Now the squat on is fine, but she still has a fear on the jump to the high bar. And there is no wiggle room on the bars scoring in level 6. At this meet where the scores were definately good, the highest score on bars was a 9.2 that we saw. There were only a nine or two in each age division. I think the high score in 9 and under was a 8.9. She needs to have the bars further apart to make her casts bigger, and I don't think her coaches are really worried about it. We'll see what next year brings with giants.....

Thanks for all your kind comments.
Congratulations to Cate! Those are fantastic scores, especially given how hard they score at Level 6! Her beam is amazing!

Great job to Cate :D - I love it when they leave meets proud of themselves. (IMO, they should always be just bursting with pride, but sometimes they feel that disappointment & it should never be). Gymnasts work so hard and deserve credit just because of their hard work! Cate did just fantastic. What a gorgeous beam routine!!

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