Bhs fear on beam

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I have this fear of doing a bhs on beam, I always want someone to stand there because I am scared I will miss my hands or do something crazy like I have done before. How do I get over this fear?
There are a million fear threads out there, they are quite helpful!
With that said, stacks mats under the high beam. It works best with a big wedge, 8 inch mat and panel mats. Then you gradually take them away.
Also forgot to mention, this probably sounds like I'm a wimp but I am scared to do a bhs on the low beam alone (with mats its fine), everybody has a skill but me on beam
Don't get used to having a spot. You will feel more dependent on the coach, and will have a harder time learning it by yourself. I think you should go to where you feel comfortable and gradually take down mats until you can do it on low beam alone without any fear. Then put mats up to the top of the beam and gradually take those down until you feel fine doing it alone. It will take a long time, but if you try to rush it, you will have a harder time learning it. People learn at different speeds. Don't try to compare yourself to others.
My coach wont let me have mats on the low beam though :( I dont know if you would call it a spot, my coach puts her hand on my back and then i go for it. Some days my coach will spot me though. Am I close to getting it?
It is a spot. People think if they're being spotted that means they're close, but oftentimes they get so used to the coach being there that they can't do it without them. If they don't help you, just provide support in case you fall, you are close. The biggest problem is often fear. If you can do it on a low beam without a spot and safely, go for it. But don't go to high beam unless you are comfortable on low beam completely.
You are a strong independent gymnast, you don't need no spot!

ahahaahah agreed! Just keep trying it on low beam, and if you fall, who cares! it's not far off the ground. If you're coach is training you for it they think that you can do it. You just have to believe in yourself and commit to doing the skill.
Thanks, I'm feeling more confident about this now, should I do bhs on my beam at home?
If so, I'm going to start asap+
Thanks, I'm feeling more confident about this now, should I do bhs on my beam at home?
If so, I'm going to start asap+

Only if you're 100000% confidant in doing them on the floor and have someone to spot you. Even then, just wait until you get back to the gym, you don't want to pick up any bad habits from doing them at home without your coach.
Practice back walk overs on the beam at home for now to get a feel of the motion.
At my gym, we never get spot on beam, no exceptions. However we have a million different drills to get it ready for beam.
Take 2 panel mats, a big and small one. The small one in front, the bigger one behind it horizontally. Then bhs onto them, putting your hands on the small one and your feet land on the larger one. That eliminates the fear of not being able to make the skill when you do it on beam.

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